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How Do You Handle the Haters?

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Maddie, Baddie, Saddie or Gladdie.  Which Are You?

Had a slight altercation the other day with a guy (on Facebook!) who  said I was asking people to pay $50 when I send emails or something.  Like a chain letter.

He got it totally wrong which is ok.  If someone is wrong I gently correct them, and – if they are rational sane people – they’ll adjust their position.  Just as I do if I get something wrong.  Instead this guy went ballistic on me.  He was looking for a fight.

In the past if I encountered a nutter I would fight fire with fire. But not now…….. Here’s what I do now.  I cut ’em off at the legs. I ignore them and just move on (after blocking them of course!)

Same comments apply to email unsubscribes.  I never see their comments because the notice from the autoresponder company goes straight to my spam folder.

When you get your own home business off the ground you will encounter all sorts of weird and wonderful people.  Most are great, but every now and then you’ll get someone who is a little bit unhinged (or even a lot!)

Toxic people are everywhere but there seems to be a disproportionately high number of them on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  So how do you handle them?  

Try This Test

For a joke I created my list of personaliities:

1. Maddies.  Irrational people who find it impossible to think logicially, and behave in a reasonable way

2. Baddies.  Nasty people who have psychopathic tendencies.  They take delight in inflicting pain – saddists.

3. Saddies.  Always in ‘downer mode’ these world weary people will naturally gravitate to the negative.

4. Gladdies.  Essentially positive people who look on the bright side.

Which one are you?  Truth to tell most of us have one dominant characteristic, plus a little bit of the others too!  Even a Gladie can be sad sometimes, and in extreme circumstances the most balanced individuals can be nasty.

Different Ways to Handle the Nut Jobs of This World

A few weeks ago a fellow marketer on Facebook asked the above question: How Do You Handle the Haters?.  It’s a good question and relevant for online marketers.  One thing is certain – if you’re active, you ARE going to get some haters.  These are the Maddies and Baddies of this world – under achievers with malicious intent.

After reviewing the thread of comments the main options were:

  • Ignore them
  • Welcome them
  • Laugh at them
  • Fight them

My favorite strategies are the first 3.  But usually i just ignore them, then block them.  But I have been known to laugh at them, which of course makes them even crazier!  Just my way of having some fun, eh?
I also like the Welcome Them approach.  The contributor made the valid point that the best way to get back at them is to engage them with rational unemotional arguments, which always upsets them.  As they elevate their abuse, your audience will increase – which is the exact oppositie of what your haranger is wanting.  Then thank them for helping you grow your business!  Brilliant strategy.

The Best People to Talk To

Apart from occasionally wasting time with nut jobs, the main game is about engaging with the right people.  I guess it’s obvious, but essentially the sort of people you want to be dialoging with are The Gladdies.  They’re the people who seek and embrace opportunity.  They see the freeway to prosperity, whilst the others only see roadblocks!  Align yourself with these people, and ruthlessly expunge the others from your life.

And the foregoing comments also apply to others in your life who may be holding you back.  Life is too short to be wasting time on the energy drainers of this world.

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