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Jeunesse Review – Fair and Balanced


jeunesse review

Is Jeunesse the Real Deal?

Along with unprecedented technological advancements is today’s modern generation’s strong desire to stay young and healthy. Stepping up and responding to the demand is Jeunesse Global, a networking marketing company, dedicated to develop a top-notch skincare and nutrition product line to fight aging and maintain youthfulness. Jeunesse joins other brands such as Amway, Mary Kay, Seacret and Avon offering you an opportunity to achieve financial success and freedom.

 But first things first, what makes Jeunesse different from the rest? Is it legit or just another MLM scam? Can you become a millionaire with network marketing? Keep reading and find some answers below………..

What is Jeunesse?

Jeunesse Global is a relatively young network marketing company which aspires to redefine youth with its breakthrough skin care products, innovative systems and health supplements. At its helm are founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, who jump-started the venture in 2009. Less than five years later, the global company has several operations across the globe particularly in Asia and Europe with its headquarters based in Florida.

To date, Jeunesse has reportedly over 400,000 distributors and has produced 15 millionaires.

Committed to building a community of Generation Young, Jeunesse claims to deliver its promise of youthful looks and healthy lifestyle through the following key elements:

1.       Products

2.       People

3.       Plan

4.       Platform

About the Product

The Jeunesse product line emphasizes a balance between personal care and nutrition. Each item is thoughtfully developed using the best formulas, innovation and technology available today. The Youth Enhancement System or Y.E.S. is one that has drawn a lot of people for its claimed benefits of achieving youthful looks at the cellular level.

Included in the Y.E.S advanced skin care line are products such as:

  • Cellular Rejuvenation Serum
  • Daily Moisturizing Complex
  • Youth Restoring Cleanser
  • Essential Body Renewal
  • Advanced Night Repair
  • Ultimate Lifting Masque

Financial Rewards Plan

Touted as the most rewarding way to stay young and healthy, Jeunesse offers a platform to guide you climb the ladder of its financial rewards plan.

There are six ways that a Jeunesse distributor gets paid:

  1. Retail profit
  2. New customer acquisition
  3. Team commission
  4. Leadership matching bonus
  5. Customer acquisition incentive
  6. Leadership bonus pool

More Exciting Opportunities

More than just offering financial rewards, Jeunesse sets itself apart with more exciting opportunities that change lifestyles, achieve goals and transform dreams.

With incentive travels on the horizon, distributors expand not only their wealth but also their geographical experience. Work hard and enjoy getaways, cruises and safari exploration.

Get 2 It’s Paid For You is another opportunity that Jeunesse created to reward its people. Those who love the products benefit from the scheme by getting cash bonuses, freebies, and reduced rates.

Become a Jeunesse Direct Distributor

To become a Jeunesse distributor, get the starter kit for $29.95 which comes with an annual renewal fee of $19.95. The fee is waived if the distributor can maintain 360 CV in auto ship. Included in the mandatory kit are the following tools:

  • A retail website
  • Back office with business management
  • Reporting system

For committed distributors who want to advance on top fast, there are product packages to choose from with costs ranging from $199.95 to $1,799.95.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Giving back is a key part of the Jeunesse operation. Jeunese Kids is the company’s recent charitable efforts allowing distributors to make a difference while pursuing one’s dreams of financial success.

The campaign focuses on stopping hunger globally. The company feeds poor hungry children, provides educational resources and delivers medical supplies to areas that need it most. To date, total donations have reached $442,345 and counting.

Finding Success in Jeunesse

Network marketing or multi-level marketing companies have received some bad raps over the years. And Jeunesse Global is not exempt from scam claims. Some so called experts have accused the brand of stealing money from distributors. $29.95 for a starter kit, after all, is a significant sum of money.

At the same time, some questions begged to be asked. How come other people who also started from the bottom are now multimillionaires? Why are some successful and others not? Where does the difference lie?

Like with any venture, finding success in Jeunesse boils down to commitment and hard work. You don’t climb the ladder of success overnight, and you can’t do it on your own either. This is why understanding network marketing’s principles of teamwork and financial reward plans are crucial if you want to belong among the successful distributors.


Jeunesse appears to be a well run MLM company with a loyal following.  Money is being made by committed network marketing leaders, and people continue to experience good results with the high-end quality product range

Is Jeunesse For You?

Being an old style MLM company Jeunesse is all about prospecting and inviting.  You start with your friends and family.  Once you’ve run out of them, you’ll need to brace yourself for the next phase, which is about turning cold contacts into warm prospects.  For some, it’s a piece of cake but for mere mortals like me, I chose to pass on that way of doing business.  Nevertheless, if you’ve got your heart set on joining Jeunesse do it, and enjoy the ride. - banner final

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