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Big Trouble in Little India (and How to Use Lateral Thinking to Grow Your Business)

OK, here I am in Little India, Singapore.  I came here yesterday from the Philippines for a couple of days before I fly to Vietnam to meet up with my son, Damien. Little India is a suburb in Singapore and it has a lot of the vibrancy and colour of India but with good sanitation – dysentery!  Not to mention the fabulous and reasonably priced food.  Here you have every Indian food style on offer – all of the important regions of India are represented.  So, I like Little India. Quick point on Indian food.  I do like it, but because it’s so laden with fat, I only eat it a couple of times a month.  One thing I have noticed is that here the food is more intensely flavoured and spiced than the blander versions in my country – Australia.  I’ll take high flavor any day! Ok, back to the main story……… There’s one thing you need to understand about Singapore.  It’s safe, calm, virtually crime free, predictable and harmonious.  And harmony is important in light of the fact that there is a melting pot of cultures here.  But calm and harmony flew out the window before Xmas – Little India had its first riot!  Goodness gracious! It appears that a group of young Indian men (some were drunk) got upset when a bus hit and killed an Indian.  So they started rampaging through the main street, damaging property and causing fires.  The riot squad was called and calm was restored within a few hours. It transpires that the men were construction workers who were shipped in on a temporary basis, to work on the many construction sites in Singapore. Many live in Little India in small rooms without even a TV to occupy their time at night, although a few shops have hooked up big screen TV’s at the front so these marginalised workers can watch their fav TV programs from back home.  Clearly some of them feel aggrieved at being treated like second class citizens.  So out they go to the local parks with beers in hand to meet their buddies. It’s a combustable mix – booze, free time, buddies, and resentment. But here’s the thing…….. Effective management of the foreign worker program could have ensured the riot never happened.  For instance a program could be developed to welcome and educate them about Singapore and the way things are done.  Practical improvements to the way the workers are accommodated could also form part of the mix of strategies, as well as plugging new workers into local support networks.

Creative Problem Solving For Affiliate and Network Marketers

I’m not claiming to be an expert on the topic but what I do know is that creative problem solving techniques can make a big difference when applied to almost any problem. Take traffic and lead generation for instance. Most online marketers think in a one dimensional way.  So they’ll run some ads in the normal places, or they’ll chat to people on Facebook, or use one of those lead scraper tools to dig up some cold contacts. Or they can work smart and take a lateral approach and build WARM markets. You DO want more warm contacts don’t you?  You do?  Oh joy!  read on……

Build Warm Markets By Building Community

Take a look at the way business is done in the traditional offline world.  The best operators are awesome networkers.  But they don’t just actively involve themselves in their local networks such as the Chamber of Commerce.  The real key for them is that they build INFLUENCE.  Influence is the name of the game. (By the way if you want to get really good at the influence gig read a book by Robert Cialdini, called – you guessed it – ‘Influence’.  Or to be more correct Influence – the Power of Persuasion.) So they get themselves into the inner circle of whatever network they’re involved with.  They take a leadership role by joining commitees, they give talks on interesting topics that members will find interesting, and they become known as the ‘go to’ person to other members of the network. Put it together and you have someone who is respected by other members and looked up to.  Who do you think they will seek out when they are in the market for the type of product that the pro marketer is promoting?  It’s a no brainer!  And because they’re working with warm market the sales get easily made. Taking it a step further some of these leaders will do the next logical thing.  They set up their own affinity group, and attract other people to join it. So how do you apply the same thinking to the online world?

Building Influence and Community in the Online World

Start with the social networks such as Facebook and Linked In.  You don’t build influence by pitching people and spamming links everywhere.  That’s what marketing boofheads do.  Here’s is how you do it:

  • Join Other FB Groups and Make a Valuable Contribution.  Look for groups with some quality people in them who ARE making a contribution and not just spamming their boring links.
  • Start Your Own Facebook Group.  Then invite other like minded people to join it.  Beware of the spammers!  I don’t ban them completely from my group – 1 week a month I’m going to give them free reign, then I’ll revert the group back to normal again.
  • Start Your Own Membership Site.  Only a select few will embrace this strategy.  Essentially you set up a membership site like this.  Then invite people to join it.  Soon I’ll be creating a free version of this site which will drive lots more people into the community.  Imagine the influence you’ll have
  • Write a Book.  Over the Christmas break I wrote my new book called Cash Cow Business Model.  SInce then I’ve had hundreds of people download it.  In a way having your own book is more potent than doing videos.  A book still seems to be at the top of the promotional tools food chain, even if it is in digital form.  To download the book people must submit their email which of course builds my listGood for increasing my influence?  Absolutely!

And if you want extra oomph to your marketing you can become a committed personal brand builder.  To do it you’ll need a blog and some video content on You Tube at the minimum.  Perhaps it’s a strategy you can employ when you understand it better. Final Note: If you’re a newbie the aforemetnioned strategies will probably not be appropriate right now, particularly if you have little or no marketing or commercial experience on your CV.  In the early stages of your new online career it may be better to simply buy traffic to get a quicker result.  I detail this approach in my 6 Figure Game Plan video (see below)

6 Figure Game Plan For Online Marketers (Ruff and Reddy Version)

Whether you’re a newbie or been around for a while, if you still havent made great money you need to watch my new video – 6 Figure Game Plan.  In 18 minutes you will learn the key strategy I use to earn multiple 6 figures, whilst tripping around the world, having fun. WARNING: this one is not slick or professional, but I KNOW you’ll love the content!   WATCH IT NOW.

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