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4Life Research Review – Fair and Balanced

4life research reviewIs 4Life a Scam or the Real Deal?

The health and wellness market continues to expand and grow especially in the network marketing arena. One company that recognizes today’s need for high quality products is 4Life Research. Using the MLM approach to selling products, the brand produced carefully developed products targeted at improving the immune system.

Getting to Know 4Life Research

4Life Research was founded back in the late 90s by husband and wife David and Bianca Lisonbee. It was founded under the principles of “building people” offering consumers with superior nutritional supplements around the world.

Today, the company has introduced its products to over 50 countries. With tens of thousands of distributors within its network, the company eventually became a world leader nabbing a number of recognitions along the way. Athletes around the world and especially Olympians use 4Life’s flagship product namely 4Life Transfer Factor.

The 4Life Product Line

Unlike other health and wellness companies, 4Life claims it is the first of its kind in the market for these types of products. It has an expert team of doctors, scientists and researchers dedicated to study, develop and create products to improve, energize and strengthen the immune system.

4Life Transfer Factor was the first product the company unveiled to the market. It is based on years of research helping the immune system to do its job faster and better. If vitamins provide nutrition, what the product does is provide the right information to immune cells.

Over the years, further innovations were made which produced a range of more 4Life products which include the following:

• 4Life Targeted Transfer Factor

• 4Life Tri-Factor Formulas

• Animal Health 4Life

• enummi Personal Care

• Fortify Meal Pack

• Foundation 4Life

• General Health & Wellness

• Healthy Lifestyle Packs

• ShapreRite by 4Life

Want to Become a Distributor?

For those looking for a home based networking business opportunity, 4Life’s application process is easy and simple. Once all the requirements are submitted and complied with, the applicant can purchase the Distributor Kit. It costs $40 and serves as your one year subscription to the company and its benefits. Renewal is required every year and cost is determined by the company at the time.

As a distributor, you are entitled to a number of benefits. The most notable of which is the opportunity to earn unlimited financial rewards. Other more specific benefits are in the form of:

• discounts or wholesale price for all products

• earn profit rewards and enjoy retail and resell services

• receive bonuses and commissions as part of the compensation plan

• service trainings which are sponsored by the company

• participate in promotions and incentive contests

• climb the rank levels through sponsorship and building your own network

The 4Life Compensation Plan

The company, all in all, has 7 rank levels for distributors to aim for. Naturally, the financial rewards and income potential get bigger as you aim for higher ranks. The starting level is Associate followed by Leader then Diamond. From here, there are four different types of Diamonds – Presidential, International, Gold International and Platinum International.

Payouts can reach as much as 64% on LP giving 4Life one of the most lucrative and generous rewards plan on the markets. Distributors can receive their payment four times in a month depending on performance.

4Life Gives Back

In line with its mission to build people and improve health, the brand has established charitable foundations namely the 4Life Fortify and Foundation 4 Life. Said efforts are focused on providing good nutrition to families and children in countries where the company has offices.

Through the same efforts, the company hopes to introduce more people around the world to better living through products that better their lives.

Is 4Life a Scam?

As a network marketing business, 4Life Research has had its fair share of critics claiming it as a pyramid scam. However, there are always two sides in a coin. To get a better understanding of how the business works, further research may be necessary.

Looking at the company’s track record since 1998 is also a logical way to examine 4Life’s legitimacy.  It has offices in 19 countries and hundreds of thousands of distributors, and an advanced R&D program. As far back as 2003, 4Life was considered by INC Magazine as one of the fastest growing privately-owned companies in the United States.

Leadership-wise, the company is led by experienced executives. Is this company a scam?  Not at all.

Still, at the end of the day, this is just another opportunity. Making the most out of it is still up to the distributor.

Is 4Life Research For You?

Being an old style mlm company 4Life Rsearch is all about prospecting and inviting.  You start with your friends and family.  Once you’ve run out of them you’ll need to brace yourself for the next phase, which is about turning cold contacts into warm prospects.  For some, it’s a piece of cake but for mere mortals like me, I chose to pass on that way of doing business.  Nevertheless if you’ve got your heart set on joining 4Life Research do it, and enjoy the ride.  On the other hand if you’re not sure you’re cut out for this type of business, then watch my CASH COW training video for an alternative pathway.

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