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Ambit Energy Review – Fair and Balanced

ambit energy review

Is Ambit Energy the Real Deal?

Energy and electricity prices are ever increasing. Take into account the wobbly condition of the economy and the likelihood of prices going down is probably zero. Either you have to keep paying the mountain of bills or find a much cheaper alternative.

If a more cost-effective alternative is what you’re after, Ambit Energy may be the answer to your electricity cost woes. While you’re at it, you may also want to join thousands of other consultants promoting and selling the services for added financial rewards.

What is Ambit Energy?

Jere Thompson Jr. and Chris Chambless founded Ambit Energy in 2006 over lunch while chatting about energy deregulation. They saw an opportunity, acted on it and introduced cost-effective energy choices to deregulated markets in the US.

The venture took off with direct selling as its primary marketing scheme. Since then, the company has attracted over 250,000 independent consultants offering affordable electricity and gas to those who want to save.

In 2008, the company earned close to $200 million while 2009 was even a better year with revenues close to $325 million.

About the Product

Ambit is a retail electricity and natural gas provider offering its services across several states in the US including:

·    – Texas, Illinois, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, California, Delaware, Rhode Island, Washington D.C.

The company is widely known for its low and competitive rates allowing consumers, both residential and commercial, to save money.  In 2010, Ambit Energy also introduced the prepaid energy plan in selected Texas areas. The product comes with smart metering technology and flexibility enabling consumers to monitor their usage accordingly.

Become an Ambit Energy Consultant

If you want to save money on energy costs and earn additional income, there is one way to do it. Become an Ambit consultant and start a business so you can earn unlimited residual income. Unlike other MLM companies, Ambit has no products to sell, inventory to take care of and deliveries to make. As a consultant, there are only two things you need to do:

  • Gather loyal customers
  • Help others do the same thing

The company opted for direct selling over traditional marketing allowing its thousands of consultants to win over loyal customers easily and more effectively. Also helping consultants achieve their financial goals are the lures of low rates, a rewards program and free energy.

To become a consultant, you need to pay a one-time fee of $429 which is easily earned back through the company’s compensation plan. 

Ambit Energy Compensation Plan

There are three ways consultants earn money:

1.   Bonuses for signing up customers
2.   Bonuses when team members sign up customers
3.   Monthly residual income

Consultants get rewarded for gathering customers and residual income is earned every time a team member pays the bill.

Earn Free Energy

Both consultants and customers can save as much as 100% on energy costs. Earn free energy by simply following these easy steps:

1.       Sign Up – Signing up with the company automatically offers you the opportunity to earn free energy.

2.       Refer Friends – All you have to do is refer 15 or more family or friends to sign-up as well.

3.       Get Credit – As you refer friends, you are entitled to get credit which can be applied to your bill or mail in the form of a check.

4.       Share the Wealth – Your referrals will also enjoy the same privileges as long as if they refer 15 or more friends to sign-up.

Complimentary Travel Rewards

Even if you don’t plan to become a consultant, as a customer you are entitled to earn travel rewards. Every kilowatt hour usage is equivalent to one travel point. Another way to earn points is to refer customers. Bring in five or more and you get to enjoy a travel package worth up to 45,000 points.

Consumer Feedback

Ambit Energy is only one of the many retail energy providers in the US. Even though it’s relatively young, the company has certainly gained traction and a strong following. Today, it has over 1 million customers and over $1 billion in annual revenue. Rapid growth, year after year, is a clear indication that there are more potential for consultants to grow their business.

However, customer feedback is also something worth looking at. Over the years, an increasing number of Ambit customers have complained about overzealous customer representatives, a poor billing system and questionable rate increases. Some are satisfied with low energy costs but there are also customers who are disappointed.

With its simple networking scheme, Ambit Energy looks like a great way to earn residual income. Compared with other MLM brands, it is also easier to handle seeing that there are no products to sell. The focus lies mainly on drawing in as many referrals and turning them into loyal customers along the way.

Is Ambit Energy For You?

Being an old style mlm company Ambit Energy is all about prospecting and inviting.  You start with your friends and family.  Once you’ve run out of them you’ll need to brace yourself for the next phase, which is about turning cold contacts into warm prospects.  For some, it’s a piece of cake but for mere mortals like me, I chose to pass on that way of doing business.  Nevertheless if you’ve got your heart set on joining Ambit Energy do it, and enjoy the ride.  On the other hand if you’re not sure you’re cut out for this type of business, then watch my CASH COW training video for an alternative pathway.

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