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Youngevity Review – Fair and Balanced

 youngevity review and scam

Youngevity the Real Deal or Another Scam?

Are you like the majority of people who want to live younger and longer? If you are, you might have stumbled upon Youngevity in your search for the right products.

What is Youngevity?

Youngevity is a multilevel marketing brand which has been in business since 1997. It was founded by Dr. Joel Wallach, a health freedom champion and father of liquid mineral supplementation. Before jumping on the network marketing bandwagon, Dr. Wallach was involved in the field of Veterinary Medicine. Forty years later, he became a Naturapathic Physician and today, he is the man behind the ground breaking brand, Youngevity.

Dedicated to improve nutrition and enhance health, the company boasts a wide selection of lifestyle-related products and services. As its name suggests, it has become synonymous with a holistic healthy and youthful lifestyle.

As an MLM company, it has attracted thousands of independent and aspiring business owners who wish to take charge of their life and finances. 

About the Product

With over 400 products, Youngevity offers a great opportunity to start a business and set-up your own store with little effort on your end. It has an array of products to choose from including mineral supplements, vitamins, skin care, personal care, makeup and even jewelry.

All products are health oriented and a majority of which promise technologically advanced benefits. At its core the goal of the business is to maintain and promote optimal health and wholesome living. In line with its commitment are products that offer real solutions for a variety of needs which include the following:

  • Healthy nutrition
  • Weight loss
  • Blood sugar
  • Bone and joint
  • Digestive support
  • Brain and heart
  • Athlete performance

Of its many product packs, one of the customer favorites is the Youngevity 90 for Life Health Pack which costs $115 at 30% off retail. Other popular products are the Beyond Tangy Tangerine, Root Beer Belly Probiotic Sprinkles and Osteo-fx Plus among others.

Youngevity Compensation Program

The company claims to offer one of the most generous compensation rewards in the industry. It has crafted a system in which anyone can earn more. In other words, the income opportunity is unlimited with up to five payouts per month.

There are up to 10 different ways to earn rewards:

  1. Retail profits
  2. Residual income or unilevel commissions
  3. CEO leadership coding bonuses
  4. Fast start bonuses
  5. Quick start bonuses
  6. Infinity leadership bonuses
  7. Monthly silver Mercedes car bonuses
  8. Dream car award program
  9. Revenue sharing
  10. Stock option rewards program

Of the various payout options, one of the most exciting is the coding bonuses where you earn more as you climb the ranks. From the bottom up, the levels that a marketing director has to climb to get on top are as follows:

·       Junior Independent

·       Independent

·       Regional

·       Executive

·       Senior Executive

·       Vice Presidential

·       Presidential

·       Vice Chairman

·       Senior Vice Chairman

·       Chairman

Become a Youngevity Business Owner

Owning a Youngevity business is simple. Instead of a complicated qualification process, the company focuses on product promotion and team building. To become a distributor, all one has to do is complete the application form online then pay the $10 registration fee.  The fee is also a one-time deal and once paid makes you a Beginning Associate.

As a distributor, the requirement is a minimum of 50 PQV autoship points per month in order to qualify for commissions. Other benefits include:

  • Wholesale pricing
  • Enhanced rebate package
  • Info pack

Distributors also get two online stores as part of the package. You’ll have a preferred customer wholesale store and a retail customer store with no upfront fees to worry about. Both are completely free which means greater convenience to set-up the business.

The Healthy Body Challenge

To keep things exciting and refreshing, Youngevity also poses a “90 For Life Healthy Body Challenge” for distributors. If you’re up to it, you are challenged to lose weight, get fit, gain energy and get healthy. While doing so, you have the chance to get the Healthy Body Start Pak for Free next month.

It’s a win-win situation either way. You get to enjoy a boost in energy and achieve your health goals while getting something free in exchange.

Is Youngevity for Real ora Scam?

While the brand certainly has numerous products to sell and years of experience to back it up, scam claims are not to be avoided. Even with its attractive compensation plan, there have been complaints about the products’ hefty price tag.  Nevertheless there is no doubting their quality.  Is Youngevity a scam?  Definately not.  But like with any network marketing companies, success pretty much depends on your commitment and hard work. Whether Youngevity is the right company or not is up to your research-based judgment.


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