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Nuriche Review – Fair and Balanced

nuriche review

Nuriche – Genuine or Another Scam?

Like it or not and regardless of scam controversies, the MLM industry is here to stay. In fact, more and more start-ups are popping up globally banking on the proven and more effective direct selling marketing model that mlm offers.

One company that is relatively new in the sector is Nuriche offering another opportunity for the health-conscious generation to earn unlimited income.

What is Nuriche?

Nuriche is a network marketing business which was founded in 2008 based on the principles of promoting health and wellness. Founders David Parker and Mike Mansfield saw the effects of today’s generation’s reliance on processed foods. Obesity has become an epidemic and health-related diseases have skyrocketed. As a response, they created the company with a vision to change lives by providing quick access to healthy food options.

In addition to its mission to “nourish people around the world” with wholesome products and “create opportunities that provide whole living”, Nuriche operates based on philanthropy. In fact, My Firm Foundation, the brand’s non-profit foundation, is a Master Distributor for the brand. Instead of charitable efforts on the sidelines, the products are the vehicles that make a difference in people’s lives.

About the Product

Nuriche currently has four main products on offer: LiVE, ReVIVE, Naturals and LiveTRIM Pack. LiVE and ReVIVE are the flagship products.

LiVE is a nutrient packed powder which was crafted from combining the benefits of fruits, vegetables, nuts, probiotics and enzymes among others. Each 10 g serving of the powder is equivalent to eating 5 servings of whole fruits and vegetables. Daily consumption is believed to offer the following health benefits:

  1. Healthy digestion
  2. Reduced body stress
  3. Balanced PH
  4. Improved immune system

ReVIVE is another flagship product developed to provide users with energy for one entire day with daily consumption. It is comprised of 100% natural ingredients including over 70 live whole food, fresh raw juices and herbs. Recommended consumption is 1 to 3 capsules a day for long lasting energy.

Become a Nuriche IBO

To get involved with Nuriche, there are different types of participation levels. Customer and Associate are both free of any registration fee. Upgrading the account is possible.

To become an Independent Business Owner (IBO), sign-up is completely free. However, applicants can choose between SHARE IBO (non-business builder) and PROSPER IBO. SHARE IBO has a one-time registration fee of $9.95 while PROSPER IBO has an annual account fee or business builder fee of $49.95.

Customers and Associates can upgrade their accounts when desired with fees of $9.95 or $49.95.

The Nuriche EquiFlex Rewards Plan

Touted to offer an unprecedented compensation plan, Nuriche boasts a 60% payout and no company breakage which means that IBOs get 60 cents per every dollar of sales.

There are four ways to benefit from the the company’s rewards plan. The income will depend on the rep’s involvement which varies from customer to associate, share IBO and prosper IBO.

Two common ways to earn is through the Retail Profit where you earn $5 for each product sold to customers. Another scheme is the share commissions which amount to $7.5 to $10 per unit of product sold. Said commission is paid to personal sponsors. Both income types are paid weekly.

Other ways that an IBO, particular the Prosper IBO, can get paid is through the following:

  • Intro Pack Commissions
  • Smart Pack Commissions
  • Variety Pack Commissions
  • PROSPER EquiFlex Pool Commissions
  • Matching Commissions
  • Incentive Bonus
  • Lifestyle Bonus
  • Leadership Bonus

Merging with Joy Life International

Though a young player in the industry, Nuriche was able to establish its presence in the industry with quality products. Further cementing its credibility is the recent merger with another MLM marketing brand, Joy Life International, which is also involved in natural health and wellness offering products that compliment what Nuriche carries.

Joy Life International was founded in China and led by seasoned executives. Serving as its president is Grant Pace and Marvin Higbee as General Manager. Both are veterans of the industry with many years of experience in network marketing. It is no surprise, therefore, that the company took off in its first year earning annual revenue of more than $150 million.

Is Nuriche For You?

Like with any network marketing company or any business for that matter, the way to top is never easy. As you may have heard over and over again, not everyone who gets involved with MLM schemes find success. Only a handful makes it to the top. But don’t let the numbers dishearten you. If you’re up for the challenge, Nuriche is one opportunity that may give you financial freedom.

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