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5 Tips to Grab Your Audience

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Audience Grabbing Tips For Content Marketers

In this day and age when attention spans are shorter and readers are more impatient than ever, how do you grab your audience’s attention? How do you get them to read your content and keep reading all the way through?

Even more important, how do you make them hit the share button?

Content writing is a tricky business. If done well, it makes a lot of difference. More than the content, however, one of the first things you should zero in is how to grab your audience.

How do you do that? Here are five tips:

1. A Catchy Headline is King

They say that content is king. That is true but only to a degree. What good is it to spend hours writing quality content if nobody’s going to read it?

As much as quality content is important, the headline comes first. Remember that it takes more than a well written piece to grab your audience. If you truly want to create buzz, never neglect this part of writing web content. In fact, never publish an article unless you’ve got an attention-grabbing headline.

To come up with a great headline, here are some things you can take into account:

  1. As a start, use numbers and how to’s (‘the 7 ways to…..’)
  2. Use power words and adjectives (free, essential, exciting, etc. )
  3. Use classic trigger words (why, what, how)

2. Appeal to Your Reader’s Emotion

One of the best ways to stir up interest is to appeal to their emotion. Make them feel important which means writing for your audience instead of your ego.

Making use of triggers such as related images, stories, illustrations and metaphors also help. With the right story they can relate to they are also more likely to remember what you wrote, and even share it with the world.

3. Get Them Involved

No matter how well your article is packed with information, bland and boring writing wrecks what little interest your audience has in the first place.

To keep them interested in what you have to say, get them involved. In other words, converse with them. Imagine them as your friend as if you are talking to them directly.

Ask questions and leave them guessing. That will keep them thinking and may seduce them to read all the way.

4. Keep it Readable

Let’s admit it. Today’s audience prefers to browse and scan content than reading the whole thing word per word. But that’s not an excuse for mediocre writing.

Instead, what you can do is to keep the article as readable as possible. Do not feed them with too much information in one long paragraph. Break the monotony with subheadings, number lists and bullets points. You can also add images with captions and include relevant links that compliment the topic.

Above all write in a conversational style.  Avoid formal language that creates a barrier between you and the reader.

5. Meet Your Audience’s Needs

At the end of the day, one of the best ways to grab your audience is to meet their needs. If you’ve given them something relevant or valuable, you’ve done your job.  Understanding this, it is imperative to have an intimate knowledge of your audience including their hot buttons and their pain.

In every article, always put them first. Do not write simply to dump more fluff into the cyber world. Write because you want to provide solutions for your reader’s needs.

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