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World Discovery Club Review – Fair and Balanced

world discovery club review

What is World Discovery Club?

Did you ever dream of travelling around the world hopping from one island to another then one country to another? Many people dream the same thing. It’s just that the travelling lifestyle is too expensive for all but the super rich.  With World Discovery Club coming into the picture, however, traveling need not be postponed because this new direct sales business is offering you the opportunity to travel and earn at the same time.
Not that WDC is the only direct sales travel club promoting a travel membership program.  Think Global Resorts Network (GRN) and Resorts 360 as two well known examples.
in November 18, 2011 World Discovery Club, which according to the company, was founded to meet the need for a travel membership club that makes it possible for members to travel in style without the steep cost of travelling. At the same time, the club allows members to set up their own home-based business tapping into the multi-trillion dollar industry while enjoying perks and discounted prices for accomodation and other travel-related products.
World Discovery Club was founded by Matt and Catherine Willis together with Jon Shugart. All three leaders of the company have extensive experience in internet marketing and the travel industry. Banking on their experience, the company was launched with headquarters in Decatur, Illinois.

About the Travel Products

As a growing online and offline business opportunity, World Discovery Club (WDC) prides itself for offering value-driven products and travel club memberships with prices ranging from $500 up to $20,000. Members of the club get to enjoy attractive deals including the following:

  • The largest inventory of rental condos anywhere
  • Exclusive luxury condo resorts
  • Vacation homes and luxury villas
  • Exclusive hotel prices not available to the public
  • Discounted airline tickets
  • Arrangement for live performances
  • Discounted car rental or auto hire arrangements
  • Over 600 private airport lounges
  • Great deals on vacation packages
  • Dining reservations
  • A host of travel products not available to the public
  • Up to 75% off on luxury ocean cruises
  • Preferred golf tee time booking
  • Theme park tickets and special reservations

The perks seem to be endless and WDC member’s privileges are good which gives travel enthusiasts with a business mind to live their dreams while also pursuing financial freedom.
One point should be made about the condo inventory.  Travel Clubs like WDC source most if not all of their inventory from time share resellers.  Some of this inventory is of a very high five star standard, but much of it is down scale – in the 3 star category.  Another point: available inventory outside of the USA is often restricted.  For example in a copuntry like Australia it is quite dificult to procure time share inventory through a travel club.  The reasons for this are twofold: firstly, resorts in Australia tend to be smaller than typical American resorts (so they fill up faster) and secondly Australian time share owners use their memberships more fulsomely than their American counterparts, which results in very low availability for Travel Clubs such as WDC.

The WDC Opportunity

Joining the rapidly growing network of WDC means members get instant access to their very own personal ‘travel agency’ giving you a chance to save up to 85% or more on your own travel adventures. In addition, members can sell the memebrship to other and earn attractive commissions.  The company has developed proven and tested advertising and marketing techniques, plus expert advice helping new aspiring members to get started on the right footing.
To be a WDC member, you can choose from various start-up levels that will fit many budgets. And in exchange for the one-time membership fee is the opportunity to enjoy lifetime savings, travel incentive and business profits. There are currently six value packs WDC offers to its members and they include:

  1. Silver Life – $497
  2. Gold Life – $1,497
  3. Platinum Life – $2,497
  4. Platinum Executive – $6,497
  5. Platinum Chairman – $12,997
  6. Platinum President – $19,997

When you become an affiliate for WDC, you can start your home-based business instantly using the company’s business model. The following business tools are also included to help you kick off the business right:

  • State of the art marketing system
  • Multiple custom landing pages
  • Auto-responders and video email system

WDC Compensation Plan

Once you become a WDC member, you can help other people enjoy the same travel incentives by referring new customers. In exchange, you get paid in the form of commissions for every successful referral.
WDC’s direct sales compensation plan offers the incentive of getting paid through large commissions and bonuses. WDC’s Dynamic Infinity program is currently gaining buzz so members can earn additional income through incentives and generous unit based bonuses. As the WDC associate grows his or her organization, the earning potential grows. As you market the brand’s full line of quality products and travel club memberships, associates earn profits for their efforts.
Below is a look at how much commissions an associate can earn per level:

  1. Silver Life – $300
  2. Gold Life – $900
  3. Platinum Life – $2,100
  4. Platinum Executive – $3,900
  5. Platinum Chairman – $7,800
  6. Platinum President – $12,000

Is WDC for you?

The travel industry is truly a lucrative market to get into and just as enticing is the WDC opportunity where you can travel in style enjoying good discounts and an array of travel incentives. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you love travel and you also want to make some big dollars, WDC could be perfect for you.
Keep in mind that World Discovery Club is a top tier big ticket program – only a small percentage of the ‘make money in travel’ market will be able to afford this program.  That is NOT to say that you cannot make money from big ticket product marketing.  You can – I’ve been doing it for years.  But the thinking needs to be aligned with the correct way to identify and qualify prospects in selected niche markets.  Further, most of these top tier programs require you to phone the leads.  Therefore you need to be very good on the phone to make the sales.  (Note: WDC does have a sales centre which will phone the leads, although I do not have accurate data on the effectiveness of this support system.)
If you’ve got your heart set on joining World Discovery Club do it, and enjoy the ride.  On the other hand if you’re not sure you’re cut out for this type of business, then watch my CASH COW training video for an alternative pathway.

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