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Healthy Habits Global Review

healthy habits global review

Healthy Habits Global Review

Did you know that coffee is an 18-billion dollar industry in the US alone?  About 50% of the country’s population is comprised of coffee drinkers.  Coffee shops like Starbucks are widely popular, not just in America but worldwide. Statistics also show that specialty coffee has seen a 20% increase in sales the past year and the trend is projected to continually increase given that today’s generation is obsessive about the drink.

Healthy Habits Global, like one of its competitors Organo Gold, is banking on the same trend founding its business by producing a collection of healthy coffee products alongside other healthy drinks promoted and sold through the popular network marketing scheme. And for the coffee lovers, this may be the business opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

What is Healthy Habits Global?

Healthy Habits Global (HHG) is based in Anaheim, California and was founded by Ted FitzGerald who has been in direct sales business for almost 20 years. His experience spans building organizations with over 50,000 distributors. He’s part of the elite group earning more than $10 million in yearly income.

With more than enough expertise under his belt, FitzGerald started the HHG venture with aspirations to become one of the few networking marketing companies in the world to always put its distributors and customers first. Also, part of its core values are principles that are focused on:

  1. Creating strong but humble leadership
  2. Creating an environment where people can win at every level
  3. Creating the highest quality nutritional products in each category the company enters

About the Product

With focus on helping its distributors and customers develop healthy habits, HHG offers only premium yet affordable nutritional beverages. Coffee infused and enriched with reishi (Ganoderma Lucidium) is its flagship product available in either gourmet black and other gourmet blend options.

A cup of HHG coffee is believed to have about 154 antioxidants in it plus about 200 phytonutrients. The combination is designed to provide optimal health by allowing your body to function better. Its health benefits include anti-virus, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial functions, not to mention that Ganoderma apparently also helps the adrenals making it hugely different from the usual addictive coffee products found in the market.

Other products included in the HHG catalog include EnerGi Blast, Chai Tea and hot chocolate selection.

The HHG Opportunity

At the heart of Healthy Habits Global’s mission is to offer its distributors the opportunity to change their lives. Whether you want to be healthier or you aspire for financial freedom, it’s all in your hands and HHG exists to help hasten the process.

Regardless of your profession or status in life, HHG welcomes anyone to take advantage of the opportunity. Becoming a distributor is very simple and straightforward given that you meet the requirements. You also have the option to choose from different packages to get started:

  • Basic Package @ $25
  • Beginner Package @ $49
  • Starter Package @ $99
  • Business Package @ $199
  • Success Package @ $499
  • Executive Package @ $999


The Compensation Plan

Joining the growing team of HHG distributors mean you get to enjoy 20% commissions on all your customer’s orders and the chance to get paid in 7 different ways. Not only will the distributor get to purchase Healthy Habits Global products at discounted prices but you also get to earn financial rewards through the following streams:

  1. Personal Retail Profits
  2. Prosperity Bonus
  3. Personal Customer Commissions
  4. Luxury Car Bonus
  5. Weekly Fast Start Bonus
  6. Monthly Residual Overrides
  7. Infinity Team Overrides.

Of the 7 possible streams of income, the one deemed most promising and life changing is the Prosperity Bonus. Said bonus is paid per month or evenly over 1 to 2 years (for higher amounts). An example of how much a distributor gets based on rank level looks like this:

  • Bronze – $250
  • Silver – $500
  • Gold – $1,000
  • Emerald – $2,500
  • Ruby – $5,000
  • Diamond – $10,000
  • Blue Diamond – $100,000
  • Black Diamond – $250,000
  • Crown Diamond – $400,000

Just like with any network marketing businesses, you need to sign-up and purchase a starter package to get started. Once you become a distributor, you are required to meet certain monthly purchases to stay within its compensation plan. Inviting other people to join and become a member of your network is a major part of the game plan. It’s the usual direct selling deal but in this case, you are going to sell nutritional beverages with enriched coffee as the main product. Deciding whether it is for you or note will therefore lie on your ability to work hard, create a network and your interest on the product line.

If you’ve got your heart set on joining Healthy Habits Global do it, and enjoy the ride.  On the other hand if you’re not sure you’re cut out for this type of business, then watch my CASH COW training video for an alternative pathway.

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