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Do it, Teach It, Then Profit From It

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For my last tip in this series I talked about Paid Versus Free Methods of Promotion (which is best?).  Today’s tip is called Do It Then Teach it.  Read on……….

Walk the Talk, Then Show Others How You Did It (Tip 7 of the 9 Hot Marketing Tips Series)

What’s a great way to learn?  Do it of course.  What’s an even better way to learn?  Do it then teach it.  When you have to teach it, chances are you’re going to make sure you know your topic very well.
But here is the big advantage of this approach.  Get good at teaching what you did, and you can make money from it.
Do you know how much money can be made by teaching people how you did it?
Look at someone like Robert Kiyosaki.  Here is a guy who made some money from real estate and business, and then leveraged what he learned from his relatively modest success into learning products – and made a fortune.  Think Rich Dad Poor Dad (a mostly mythical parable), his board game, and the myriad spinoffs from the Rich Dad brand.
Some people criticise him by saying he makes more money from teaching than he does from the actual strategies that he teaches.  Certainly in the early years of his rich dad success story, that was true.  But so what?  He had something worthwhile to say, and people were prepared to pay for it.  And besides – he’s a great teacher.  The market rules!

Anthony Robbins Talks About How to Take Action

Maybe you know stuff but havent applied it yet (so don’t teach it till you’ve applied it).  For many, taking action is the hard part.  They seem to shrink when confronted with the reality that the only way to get a great result is to take lots of action.  The sooner the better.
Here is Anothony Robbins with a great message on How  to Take Action.  Take a look…………

A Problem Identified

The world is awash with pretenders who teach.  For them it’s more of a case of do what I say than do what I do.  These are the consultants and the trainers of this world – most of whom do not have significant runs on the board in the game of life.
That’s not where you want to be.  Sure, it’s agreat idea to make money from developing educational products.  But if you do it, do it on the basis that you are teaching people something that you have ACTUALLY done yourself.
Example.  Before I  became a member of the internet marketing fraternity I wrote a 300 page property investment manual focused on teaching people positive cash flow investment strategies.  But get this – before I put pen to paper I made the decision that I wouldn’t do it till I had plenty of property deals under the belt myself.  Thirty deals later I wrote the manual.
Walk the talk.  It’s key.

It’s Not Always About Money

And if you never make a cent from teaching people what you did, there are still 2 big take outs for you:
1. You deepened your knowledge of your subject (teaching will do that for you)
2. You helped someone by expanding their knowledge.  Think of the psychic benefit that flows from helping someone!
The next tip in the series is called The Difference Between a Newbie and a Pro.  Look out for it.

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