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7 Tips to Become a Successful Network Marketer

  7tips to become successful network marketer

 How to Become a Successful Network Marketer – Some Tips

Success as a network marketer need not be elusive. If other people can makes 6 figure money and more, so can you. It’s a matter of doing the right things and employing the right strategies so you can grow your network. After all, growing or building a solid network is what makes a direct selling business highly successful.
Below are seven tips that will help you grab hold of success as a network marketer:

1. Choose the Right Company

If there are a lot of legitimate and stable companies in the industry, there are a few that aren’t to be trusted.  Your job is to find the good ones and make a decision from there.  The key to a successful network marketing business is to choose the right company. To do that, you need to look at the company’s stability, integrity, track record, support system and product line.  Above all look for great leadership from the company, but also from your upline.  This is critical.

2. Treat it Like Any Serious Business

When you sign up for a network marketing business, resolve to treat it like a real business. You need to make sure that your investment will count. It means doing everything in your power to succeed. You may need to create a business if necessary and you should keep tabs of your cash flow too.
It is a fact that people often treat a traditional business more seriously than a network marketing business.  They often think that their mlm venture is not really a serious business.  Perhaps this is because of the low investment, or due to the fact they’re only doing it part time.  Whatever the reason it’s vital to treat it like a million dollar business from day 1.

3. Follow the Formula

What’s the best way to reach the pinnacle of network marketing success? Follow what the successful leaders have done.  They are where they are because they did something right. One of which is following the business model or system that made it work. To succeed, stick with the proven and tested formula. Even if there are setbacks, keep at it because said formula has been proven time and again to lead to the top.
All good network marketing companies have a system or a set way that they do the business.  Whilst it is sometimes tempting to reinvent the wheel and do things ‘your way’ do not kid yourself – if you take this approach you will fail.  Nothing is more certain.  Rather, follow the leadership and use the system that is already in place.

4. Use the Web

With technology at the tip of your fingertips, take advantage! More people are now using the web nowadays. For your business, it means you can reach out to more people if you use the web as a marketing tool. Use it to promote and generate leads, but never indulge in spamming as that will do more harm than good to your credibility.
It is important to note that some companies frown on the use of online methods to build your business.  If so, ignore this tip!

5. Get Support

As they say, “no man is an island”. That is especially true with any direct selling ventures. To get to the top of the ranks, you need help and a lot of it too. That includes training, coaching and possibly every support you can get from the company and the higher ups. This tip also links with choosing the right company. Always look at the support system and if it’s good then you’re in good hands.
If you have a probelm talk to your sponsor or your upline leader.  But always do it in a respectful way.  Do not inflict ‘stinkin’ thinkin’ on your upline – they don’t want to be swamped by negative energy.  Give them some energy and some positivity, and they will return it to you, with interest!

6. Help Others

Think of yourself as a go giver, rather than a go getter.  Instead of just recruiting, make it your mission to help others achieve their financial goals. You’re in the business because of the promise of huge commissions, bonuses and rewards. If you want to be successful in this, help your downline as much as you can. If they know they’re getting enough support, they are more likely to stick around for a long time. And that means success and greater profitability for you.

7. Follow Up

Twenty years ago a great teach called Larry Thompson said something I will never forget: ‘follow up equals fortune’.  And he’s right – the money is in the follow up.  Most people don’t sign up the first time they hear about a new program or product.  They need to be exposed to the information many times.  And they need to be followed up many times too.  To build your network, you need to recruit other people to join the company. That means a lot of calling and inviting of friends, family and even strangers. It also involves a lot of promoting and marketing. And it doesn’t stop there. You also need to follow-up even if it means you’re going to be rejected. Following up is one step a lot of marketers disregard. You need to do it because one follow-up might mean a sign up. It’s better to take your chances and make that follow up call, even if it means rejection most of the time.

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