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Lost My Wife, My Home, My Business, and My Mind. Wait, There’s More………

Also lost my Mum last year
Not looking for sympathy just saying that when we have setbacks, particularly big ones, it affects us in different ways.
Me, I decided to travel. It’s my therapy. This year is what I call my Asian Odyssey year, although after reflecting on some of my exploits I’m thinking of renaming it Asian Oddity. (More on that at another time.)
So I just finished a 6 month stint in the Philippines, and now I’m living in Vietnam. Filipino friends ask me ‘why Vietnam?’ My reply is the same each time: my sons live there, the food is infinitely better (which admittedly wouldn’t take much), it’s safer, the cities are aesthetically pleasing, and the internet is fast.
That last one is of course important to an internet marketer like me. Critical. The internet is the tool that enables me to do this laptop lifestyle thing.
By the way I don’t live in the lap of luxury. I live in a nice apartment in a very nice suburb in Saigon, but it’s hardly luxurious. But it’s got everything I need including cleaning 3 times a week. Yet I pay an all inclusive $850 a month.
To get the same thing back home in Australia (including internet, fully furnished, air con and cleaning 3 times a week) I reckon I would pay at least three times that amount.
So other than being a lifestyle choice it’s also a financial choice and is helping me to further repair my personal balance sheet (still got another 2-3 years to go on that one!)
So I share this story because you may have thought at some point that it would be nice to do more travel or even do what I do, which is to actually live in a foreign locale for a while. And I’m here to tell you that you CAN do it.
If you’re an internet marketer like me you have the vehicle to enable you to travel and earn no matter where you live (almost!).
If you’re not yet making enough money to make it happen change your strategy until the program you’re in produces better results for you. If that doesn’t work look at joining a different program.

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