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Great Product, But No Customers. Why?

bacoulos restaurant Saigon
Last night I went to a French restaurant in Saigon. The food was great, the waiters were friendly and attentive, but there was one small problem. No other customers – the place was empty. On a Saturday night no less – yikes!
Was this an expensive restaurant? No way. You can eat nicely cooked classic French dishes for $12 or so a plate.
So what was the problem? Well for starters it was raining so that would have prevented some people from coming. But at other times when I walked past this resto there were few customers there.
So what’s the problem?
Well before I go on, as a marketer I love to analyse why one business attracts hoards of customers and another does not. Sometimes it’s because of poor service, poor product or both. When that happens the bad word of mouth will sink any business sooner or later.
But this business had a very good product – and no complaints about the service either. Two possible reasons:
Ambience and Environment. The ambience of the place was a bit ordinary, and there was no inside eating area – patrons can only eat in the courtyard which would be a problem for some people who want air conditioning (Saigon can be steamy!). But on the night I was there the heat was not a problem as the fans kept us cool.
Another thing which I think affects the ambience is the pool table. Situated in front of the bar, to me at least, a pool table is inappropriate in a French eating establishment.
Location. Unless you knew exactly where it was it would be unlikely you would ever know about this resto. It’s situated in a quiet street and also a little hard to see from the front.
So what’s this got to do with internet marketing and building a home based business? Everything and nothing. At first glance this story has nothing to do with online marketing except for this point:
– Get the basics right and the money will take care of itself
All businesses have ‘rules’ they need to adhere to. You can have the best product in the world but if you don’t have customers, you ain’t got a business. For restaurants it’s more than good food and service. It’s also about ambience, aesthetics and style.
For home biz marketers the basics are a little different. For us it’s also about having a good product. But more than that, it’s also about finding people, then educating them about it. And we don’t sit around waiting for them to beat a path to our door. This is great news for you – it means that you are not subjected to the whims of a fickle public.
Good marketing means we can target potential customers and take the message directly to them. So if they happen to be chatting to their friends on Facebook, maybe we’ll run some ads so they will see our message. Or maybe we’ll link up with someone who already owns a list of people who are interested in our type of product and offer. And then we can take the message to the people on his list.
We don’t sit around sucking our thumbs waiting for things to happen. With an online home business we have far more control over outcomes than a traditional retail style business such as a restaurant or a shop.
I would never get into one of those businesses for two simple reasons
1. Lack of control over results
2. Poor lifestyle outcomes (some small business owners work 7 days a week, and rarely have holidays)
You want true freedom like I have? Choose the right business option. Get it right and the world is your oyster. Get it wrong and you’re toast (and that’s not French toast either)
Choose the Right Business Option

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