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Positive Thinking – Total BS

positive thinking crapDo the ‘Positive Thinking Nazis’ Keep People Broke?

I read something from email marketing maven Ben Settle recently and it made me sit up and take notice. His thing is that positive thinking is total nonsense. According to Ben most of our best results come from negativity. You hate your job so you decide to start a home business. From a negative situation positive outcomes can flow.
Ben goes on to make these points:

  • The positive thinking nazis keep people broke.
  • It’s dumb to fake thinking positively.
  • Holding on to anger is GOOD (no matter what the feel-good mush cookies tell you — never let go of anger, use it.

After ruminating on this I’ve come to the conclusion that Mr Settle is on the money.
When you think about it most people who are successful are coming from a negative situation. In fact many are driven to succeed because of their inner demons. Some use anger to drive themselves forward. And some are into big time revenge.
For instance if they flunked out of college because of bad grades or personality conflicts you can be sure that those NEGATIVE experiences will give them the energy, passion, and drive to propel them to higher ground.
In my own situation I am driven by the desire to ‘show’ all those people who said I was a loser, a failure and a no-hoper – that they were dead wrong.
It’s what gets me up every morning and gives me the energy, resolve and passion to drive my business forward irrespective of the obstacles and roadblocks I encounter along the way.
Anger is in the mix. I know that now, after trying to kid myself for years that all I needed was to think positive – then I’d be successful.
But it’s quite clear that the success I’ve had over the last year was due mainly to the fact that I’ve learned how to harness anger and use it to achieve positive outcomes. (Having the right business vehicle also plays a big role, but you gotta have the right mental settings in place before you can ever make real money.)
So, question for the day is: How do you use anger to get great outcomes?

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