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The You Tube Slap – The New Killing Fields For Marketers

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The You Tube Slap – and How to Avoid It

I currently live in Vietnam which borders another country you may have heard of – Cambodia. Cambodia has had a bloody history the lowlight of which was when the murderous Pol Pot and his thugs took control of the country. During their reign of terror hundreds of thousands of people were systematically murdered in a country with a population of just 16 million. They called it the killing fields.
I’ll be going to Cambodia soon, because people have told me it’s a great place to visit – dirt cheap too.
A few years ago Google Adwords did a huge purge and terminated more than 100,000 marketer’s accounts. I was affected by it but survived. Some others did not – they went bankrupt. I wrote about it at the time and dubbed it The Google Killing Fields
Now it could be happening at You Tube (which is owned by Google). Recently they have blacklisted lots of channels for what they claim dubious practices are being used by marketers. Most of the practises they object to are quite harmless but because they own the platform they call the shots. And if they think these practises are detracting from the user experience they will act.
I’ve had the same You Tube channel for many years and have never had a problem but after seeing the ruthless approach taken by this company in recent times I know that any marketer – even a conservative one like me – is a potential target.

How to Protect Yourself From the You Tube Slap

The You Tube Slap – and How to Avoid It

1. Be More Focused on Giving Value. Heightening the user experience (which is what You Tube always wanted but is now ruthlessly pursuing) should be your overriding objective.
2. Do Not Keyword ‘Stuff’. Don’t stuff your Title or your Description with keywords
3. Avoid Hype and Hard Sell. You Tube hates hype and the lure of easy dollars, so the solution is simple – avoid it like the plague. Same comments apply to aggressive call to action pitches.
4. Write a Long Description. He said that this approach may not have anything directly to do with compliance but has everything to do with keeping people on the page for longer which in turn will increase your fans and is likely to please You Tube.
5. Be Careful With These Keywords. Keywords like make money online, company names, mlm, network marketing are all risky. If you plan to create content around these keywords do it as part of a balanced approach.
6. A Balanced Approach. If your channel is subjected to manual review and your channel has lots of good content together with some content that is overtly promotional, then your chances of being slapped diminishes
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