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Your Regular Marketing Skinny #8

Your Regular Marketing Skinny To save you time, here is a summary of the best recent content items from my blog. Here it is:   1. The Saturation Myth: 2. 11 Reasons Not to Quit Facebook: 3. Webinar Replay – Traffic, Leads and Conversions: 4. How to Avoid the Biggest Network Marketing … Read more

Your 8 Best Email Marketing Tips

If you’re not using email marketing to build and cultivate a list, you’re crazy.  Done correctly you can get people on your email list responding to your offers and actually buying products from you.  Here are eight tips to help you make it happen….. 1. Subscribe to an Autoresponder Service The 2 biggest auto responder … Read more

Forbes Believes MLM Is One Of The Most Significant Solutions For Retirement

MLM Endorsed by Forbes Magazine Although I’m not really an mlm guy, it’s good to see mainstream media giving the industry a bit of a boost. Recently Business For Home showcased an article by Forbes Magazine about the industry.  In the past Forbes has been somewhat sympathetic to the industry.  This latest article is a … Read more