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Donald Trump Scrambled My Brain (and how I make 6 figures online with my No Hustle Method)

donald trump
I was recently telling someone how I tried to ‘be’ like Donald Trump. It was a long time ago, and I was quite naive thinking I could somehow become a mega hustler just like ‘The Donald’.
I assumed his persona (at least I thought I did, minus the comb-over. ha ha), and did the things he said would work for anyone.
Result? I failed miserably
By the way, you can read more about this episode in my crazy life here…
Donald Trump Scrambled My Brain
So, after failing at being a high flying tycoon, I went into my shell for a long time. I was gutted, demoralised and lacking confidence.
And then along came the internet. When people started to figure out how to use it to make money, I became interested in using it myself to sell stuff. Only thing was I didn’t know how.
What really attracted me was the potential to find customers WITHOUT being a sales type, like Donald Trump. Guys like him could sell ice to Eskimos which was a skill I had never acquired.
The internet was a perfect fit for me – it meant I didn’t have to be a power networker (I was hopeless at that too), didn’t have to be a social butterfly (and life of the party – no way!)), and above all I didn’t have to make cold calls and close sales.
Oh, and because the internet was border-less it meant I could conduct business anywhere I wanted, and indulge my passion for travel (as I type this I am in Vietnam).
To me the internet is a fantastic way to tap into demand that is already there. Millions use it to find products, services, opportunities, and solutions to problems.
Since I started making money online I’ve refined my strategies and now teach them to anyone who joins my team. I now call it the No Hustle Method. In fact I wrote about it here……
No Hustle Method to Making 6 Figures Online
After taking a look, if you want to request a Consultation, be my guest.

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