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Flitting Like a Butterfly – The Shiny Objects Syndrome


Digging In – Grinding it Out the Key to Home Business Success

It’s one thing to leave a program and join another for good sound business reasons, but it’s something else altogether to jump ship for no other reason than it seemed like a good idea at the time.
This year I’ve seen plenty of people jump into new programs without mastering the program they just left.
Of course some don’t actually leave. These delusional people think they can just add new programs whilst maintaining their current program/s. Wrong. It doesn’t work that way so stop kidding yourself it does. Here is why:
– You move in the direction of your most dominant thoughts
A new program or venture takes up a lot of ‘head space’, and therefore will take focus away from what you were doing before. Sad to say it, but you can’t have it all. Something has to give, so if you divert all your attention to something else that is where the forward movement will be. Meanwhile what you were doing before will wither on the vine.
On the other hand maybe you won’t give the new thing enough focus to get momentum. Maybe you’ll flit backwards and forwards between the old and the new. That’s called the worst of all worlds – a nightmare.
It’s a law of the universe

Success Is About the Little Things

Ray Croc, the guy who turned McDonalds into a fast food giant wrote a book called Grinding It Out.  It’s a great book and one of the takeaways after I read it was that success is partly about the little things that you do on a daily basis – and you have to be relentless about doing them.  Day after day, week after week, month after month.

Take the Long View

Whilst it’s nice to make money quickly in a new business, people often underestimate how much they can make in the long term.  Taking a short term perspective isn’t the way to build a successful business.  What if you don’t make money quickly (like I did)?  You gonna quit because it didn’t happen for you in your first month or two?
To get results a business needs sustained focus, energy and passion. Not for a week, not for a month, but for 6 to 12 months without deviation. Can you honestly say that you have given ONE PROGRAM that much single minded attention for 6 months minimum?
Success is often about getting the basics right, and that starts with taking action in the right way for a prolonged period of time. But getting your thinking right is the real key.

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