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List Building the Key to Success For Online Network Marketers

list building for online network marketers

If I Had My Time Over Again, Here’s What I Would Do (Critical Reading)

To make money online, list building is one of the key activities you need to do on a daily basis.
When I started promoting my current big ticket primary program in 2013, i already had an advantage. I had a list of people I could invite to take a look at the new program.
That resulted in commissions of $35k in less than 60 days. Since then I’ve earnt hundreds of thousand of dollars from that program alone. And my (small but responsive) list played an important part in that success.
But I could have made so much more. If only………..
If only I had a bigger list!
If I had been more diligent, more persistent and more focused on list building I KNOW I could easiliy have earned $500k or more in my first year. But I didn’t.
Not that I’m complaining, but the experience has brought the message home to me in dramatic form how important it is to build your list.
So what’s the easiest way of doing it?
Lead with a cheap or free offer first.
Knowing what I know now, that’s the NUMBER 1 change I would make if I had my time over again.
And certainly that’s the big change I’m promoting to them now.
That’s the way to go. You build your list faster, cheaper and with less fuss compared to promoting your main program directly.
Start your list building today
That’s the best advice I can give you. Even if you don’t yet have a primary program to promote, you should build your list anyway. And when you DO get into a big money making program, you’ll get off to a cracking start because you already have your ‘asset’ in place.
It’s a no brainer
Here’s your free lead system so you can get the ball rolling……
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