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Feeling a Little Queer. Having a gay time with my French pals

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People Love to Spend Money – Make Sure They Spend Some of it With You

There’s a French bar and resto joint near here (in Saigon) that’s become a home away from home for me. I like it because the food is good (French bistro style, not expensive – about $12 for a main), they have a friendly bar, and on most Saturday nights they have a live band.
But above all I like it because of the people – especially the French host, Bruno.
Over the last month or two I’ve become very friendly with Bruno who often serves me free wine for the rest of the night.
And no, he’s not gay! Although to an outsider he might seem that way – every French person who descends on the place gets a hug and a kiss on both cheeks, male or female.
And as the night moves on the French guys get very friendly with each. In fact if a typical Anglo person walked in there about 11pm they’d no doubt think they’d come to a gay bar!
Such are the differences between cultures. To the French , physical closeness among males is perfectly natural and normal. But to an Anglo it’s ‘yikes these guys are queer.’
So what is the marketing message in this story?
Do you see it?
The key is to is to build relationships and make people feel special.
Bruno is a master of nurturing relationships, and is the primary reason why I and others keep going there.
He sent a message today asking if I’m going there this Saturday night. After saying I couldn’t come he said he wanted to know because my answer would determine if he booked a live band or not! (He knows I’m a music lover.)
Talk about being given the VIP treatment!
I can GET a good product anywhere. There are plenty of other French bistros in Saigon that I can go to, but Bacoulos is the one I keep returning to, week after week.
But Bruno treats all his customers in a similar way. He makes ’em feel great, and he turns them into friends.
Forget the product. It’s not the big deal that many people think. Lots of products out there but there is only one YOU. You’re the one who can make a difference for people, and attract them into your sphere of influence.
A long time ago a sales trainer said to me something rather potent:
“Kim, people hate to be sold, but they love to buy”. Help make spending money with you a fun and enjoyable experience, and the world is your oyster.
Look at it another way…….
‘People don’t care how much you know they only know if you care.’ A bit of a cliche perhaps but it’s true nevertheless
I’m not much of a salesman but I make plenty of money without using ANY old style sales techniques, such as closing the sale. In fact most people ask ME to buy!
Become the person that people want to deal with.
Bruno has become that person for me. And I know I’m that person for others who want to do business with me.
There’s your marketing lesson for today!
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