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Conversion Training For Internet Marketers – How to Convert Leads Into Sales

Ruff and Reddy Conversion Training For Internet Marketers Ok here goes.  Marketers seems to be obsessed with traffic strategies.  Frankly some times when I hear them yakking about it, my eyes glaze over.  Sure traffic is important, but unless you can convert that traffic into paying customers you’re toast.  Same comments apply to the topic … Read more

Power Lead System Versus Lead Pages

Power Lead System versus Lead Pages – Which Is Best? Ok so what is best?  The popular Lead Pages software or the new kid on the block, Power Lead System?  I use both, but one of them has an edge.  Can you guess which one?  Watch my video and find out……..Power Lead System Versus Lead … Read more

Facebook News Feed Attack on Promotional Page Posts

Your FB Friends to See Even Fewer of Your Posts Now! Recently Facebook conducted research with some of their members.  One of the questions they asked was this: How do you feel about the content of your News Feed? The answers came back and predictably many said they want to see more ‘genuine’ content – … Read more