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Your Regular Marketing Skinny #13

Your Regular Marketing Skinny To save you time, here is a summary of the best recent content items from my blog. Here it is: 1. Real Business or Fake Business? CLICK HERE 2. How to Write a Potent Email CLICK HERE 3. Conversion Secrets For Internet Marketers: Convert More Leads Into Sales CLICK HERE 4. … Read more

O Desk Back Office View For Budding Outsourcers

How Internet Marketers Can Use O Desk to Get More Done Should marketers use an outsourcing platform like O Desk to improve their prioductivity.  Probably, but there are traps and pitfalls. So I recorded an instructional video which shows my O Desk back office.  Some good tips here….. I’ve also discussed this topic on another … Read more

Pre Sell Pages – a Great Way to Win Customers

Grow Your Sales With Pre-Sell Pages Pre sell pages can work well.  They offer the following advantages: 1. Educates potential customers about your proposition 2. Instils belief in the minds of doubting and suspicious prospects 3. Builds a relationship with you, before they buy 4.  Offers a non threatening way to evaluate an offer, without … Read more

How to Get Content Ranked in Less Than 30 Days Without Any Backlinks

  A Simple Free Way to Get Traffic and Leads Without Using Tricky Techniques Before Christmas I created some content with a blog I own.  The content was a basic review of an Australian make money guru called Peter Sun and Better Business Institute, which is his company. To cut a long story short that … Read more