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9 Hot Marketing Tips: Fortune In The Follow Up

marketing tips -fortune in the follow upTip 9: Fortune In The Follow Up

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Well, I’ve left the best to last.  Follow up is King!  Or as a mentor once told me ‘follow up is where the money is’.  So knowing this to be true why do so many marketers fail to follow up properly or consistently?
Failure to follow up is not just a problem in the online world.  It pervades the traditional business arena as well.  I’ve lost count of how many sales people failed to follow me up, even though I had an interest in what they were offering at the time.
A reality is that most people are not ready to buy the first time they are presented with a product or service.  This is particularly the case for big ticket products.

Types Of Follow Up

Essentially there are two ways to follow up:

  • By Phone
  • By Text Messaging
  • By Email

Of the three, the phone is the most effective, but if you’re selling a small ticket product, it’s not productive to be spending time calling people.  On the other hand phone follow up can be justified if you are selling a big ticket product, particularly if the product is priced above $1,000.
I’ve been selling big ticket products for years and if I just relied on email or text messaging to make the sale my income would have dropped by 90 per cent!  Sometimes you can gain extra traction by also sending text messages to prospects via Facebook or Skype.
So why do many marketers avoid the crucial follow up step?  The three main reasons are lack of belief (that it is a worthwhile activity to pursue), laziness and finally we have fear – fear of getting another rejection.
If you’re a bit weak in the follow up department please re-commit to it.  Remember – the fortune is in the follow up.

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