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$1.25 Haircut – Shorn Like a Sheep in Cambodian Clip Joint

sheep shearing
Well, last night was fun
I went for a walk to the nearby shopping street here in Phnom Penh. Plenty of restos and shops for sure. One thing that’s kinda weird for me are the fruit and veg shops – they’re everywhere. In fact within 5 minutes I found five of them and all selling organic produce. Very nice, but why so many? Especially as most of them had no customers.
Go figure
Then I spied me a barber shop, and seeing as I hadn’t had my hair cut for a couple of months thought it time to get the job done.
So in I went, sat down in the chair and waited for da barber man to start. He said some things to me that I didn’t understand, but there were 3 words I DID understand……
‘You want short?’
‘Oh yea I want short cut’, I said, thinking he would give me a standard cut which normally means cutting off most of the excess hair but still leaving enough to give me a professional look.
Once I gave him the thumbs up on ‘short’ he went into action, but not with the scissors. For this Cambodian clipper man it was electric all the way. As he was ploughing through my crop I had visions of ending up looking like a newly shorn sheep, or a U.S. marine, or the freaking Dalai Lama (or is it llama?). Sure enough that’s exactly how it ended up.
But it’s ok, the bald look is kinda ‘in’, right?
And the good news is that I won’t need to get my hair cut for the next 3 months, and it only cost me $1.25! All good.
I’ve only been here since late Wednesday but already some of the people I’ve met ask me the inevitable question: ‘what do you do?”
When I tell them I sell stuff online, their eyes usually glaze over. They just don’t comprehend that someone can just create money out of thin air, or more accurately make money in cyberspace.
So despite the fact that almost everyone now has an email account, have done Google searches, and have even bought stuff online, most of them never make the connection.
They simply don’t get the fact that if they have purchased something online there is someone on the other side of the transaction who is making money from that transaction. And that ‘someone’ could be them.
In other words they could set up their own little online business and sell stuff to an ever growing audience.
Where are you?
Do you earnestly believe that you CAN create income online?
You do? Oh joy so the only question I have for you is ‘what’s holding you back?’
Ready to move forward now?’
You may not ever want to come to a country like this and end up looking like the dalai lama, but wouldn’t it be great to have the choice to do some WILD things for a change?
(Life’s too short to just ‘exist’.)
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