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Jenny Jordan – The Interview

Jenny Jordan InterviewJenny Jordan Interview – The Queen of Outsourcing

I first met Jenny in Cabo San Lucas (Mexico) at a conference, in 2013.  Her no nonsense style impressed me so I stayed in touch with her.  I’ve watched her progress and a few things really stoof out:
1. She’s an Awesome Networker
2. She’s a Dynamic Leader
3. She’s a Great Coach
4. She’s a First Class Marketer
So it was with great pleasure that I interviewed her the other day.  What a delightful person to interview!  On this interview you will hear her story as well as pick up some useful tips on marketing.  But you will also learn about her new outsourcing business which is called Hire a VA.   All marketers should outsource some of the mundane things they do.  Then you’ll be able to spend more time on higher level activities, which is really where the money is.  So watch Jenny’s interview – enjoy!

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