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How to Be Seen As An Expert Without Being One

how to be an expertHow to Create the Perception of Expertise


You don’t HAVE to be an expert to be regraded highly in your chosen niche.  Perception is everything and if your audience perceives you as having authority they’ll more than likely regard you as an expert.
Of course many people have expertise simply as a result of working in jobs or running businesses, but the problem is that they don’t see themselves as being experts.  ‘Sure I have a skill but I’m no expert’ is the common refrain I hear from people when discussing this topic.  So what is needed is a way to sweep away the false modesty that many people have and accept the fact they indeed do have some expertise in a given area.
The question is of course –  can they leverage their skill to create an online income from it?  In many instances they can by developing an information product that teaches people how to solve a problem or gain a benefit that is associated with their niche.

The Advantages of Being An Expert

So why bother with all this expert stuff?
Experts make the money.  And certainly in the internet marketing space people will throw money at you if they think you are an authority.

How to Gain Expertise In a New Area of Interest

You may decide that the skills you already have cannot be leveraged into an online income.  Or you may have no interest in the topic anymore.  Perhaps you’ve identified a new area or niche that interests you, but you don’t have any real skill in that area.  What to do?  Simple – take a crash through approach.  I call it the ‘expert in 30 days’ strategy.
Simply study everything you can get your hands on about the topic.  I guarantee that at the end of 30 days you will know enough to start positioning yourself as an expert in the new niche.  Will you be a true expert at the end of 30 days?  No.  But you will have some expertise and really that’s all you need to create a business.  Call yourself a novice expert and take comfort from the fact that true expertise will happen in due course.
Keep in mind that even if you don’t see yourself as an expert others will if you take on board the tips I give you here.  It’s important to note that most of your audience will know hardly anything about the topic – and all you need is to know more than them.

 The Foundation – Your Blog

A blog can powerfully help establish you as a person worth doing business with.  It will help instil confidence in the minds of potential customers.

Add a You Tube Channel

A You Tube channel can also help to position you as an authority in your niche.  People love to watch videos if the content is interesting and valuable to them.  Initially keep your videos short – maybe 5 minute videos is all you need

 Effective Email Can Help

Crafting the right email messages is a skill worth having.  Despite the naysayers people still read their emails every day.  So to employ a blog and a video marketing strategy WITHOUT an integrated email campaign would be foolish.  An effective email campaign will further illuminate your audience about the value that you and your products/services bring to the marketplace.

 Dig Deeper On This Topic – The Leverage Your Skill Webinar

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  4. Other Options for people who don’t have a marketable skill.

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