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Investing In Someone Else's Value Rather Than Your Own (Why It's Wrong)

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This is a continuation of the series that started with my post referencing top marketer Daegan Smith
Recently I posted on my Facebook wall this question:
“Why do so many home business folk invest SO MUCH time, money and energy into someone else’s value (rather than create their own value)?”
I was talking mainly about the people who join network marketing businesses. It seems they think it’s prudent to invest in value that’s been created by someone else, rather than create some value themselves.
Maybe they want a ‘home’, maybe they want to satisfy their need to belong, or maybe they haven’t really thought about it.
I get it, because that’s how I started in the online world. I totally bought into the value of the company I joined.
But about a year after I started as an affiliate (marketing a big ticket product for a quasi network marketing business) in 2006 something hit me……..
‘If I keep doing this I will be totally exposed if something bad happens to this company.’
So I set about making a change to provide some balance and put the odds more in my favor.
I discovered a book about personal branding and attraction marketing, and devoured it. Within a month I had instituted a number of crucial changes. Changes that have served me very well since then.
Changes that meant that I was able to build an audience consisting of people who liked MY VALUE.
Let me be clear about this: when someone buys into my value it is totally different to buying into the value offered by a business opportunity company.
It’s like night and day…….
What I offer is mentoring, coaching and practical help to get your business off the ground. My purpose is always to direct you to create your own value – even if you’re an affiliate selling someone else’s products.
On the other hand…….

The Problem With the Network Marketing Model

What these networking companies (often/usually) want is for you to forsake your value building (personal brand building) activities and fall into line by embracing their value – their products, their systems, their culture and their mission. Bottom line: they want to OWN you.
They want to influence you to such an extent that you forsake your ability to think and act rationally. They want you to follow and support their every move like a mindless drone. These companies are more like secular religions than real businesses, and seek to manipulate people into doing things ‘their way’.
And this can work well for the really solid companies out there (eg Amway), if you like that type of thing. But the reality is that most companies don’t deserve our unswerving loyalty, if for no other reason than this: they rarely last.
And this is why everything you do should be about building a pipeline of income, from multiple sources and in multiple ways.
And it starts with YOU creating your own value by building a personal brand that separates you from the undifferentiated marketing bozos and boofheads, who do not have a clue.
Get it?
Do you like the concept, but not sure how?
Here is a way that will help you quickly build your own value without you doing all of the ‘grunt work’ yourself. Then you’ll be able to attract people like bees to a honey pot; people who buy into your value and want to do business with you.
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