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Network Marketers Deluding Themselves Again

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Network Marketers NOT Building Their Own Business

This is the third in the series on Value Building.  My last post on the topic can be be found here, Investing In Someone Else’s Value Rather Than Your Own.
I stirred up a hornets nest with my value based theme this week.  However many seem to like the concept associated with building your own brand and establishing your own authority.
A friend of mine, Steven W Johnson, has a very keen marketing mind (I call him the mad marketing genius) and this morning he said this to me:
“2 thoughts on your email of today (awesome, btw): 1. we don’t like to admit it, but ALL mlm (and most home-based biz is little more than glorified 100pct commission sales repping – few GET that​”
I’ll hold over Steve’s second point for another day, but I think he is right on the money with his first. This is really the nub of the matter. It’s the core problem that few ever talk about. When you sign on for one of those home business programs you are building someone else’s business and not your own.
But I wanted more – I didn’t want to be a glorified sales rep for the company I joined in 2006. I wanted to build a business in tandem with that company.
When I realised that my quest was a pipe dream, I did the next best thing: I started to build my personal brand and created assets that I 100% owned and controlled (such as my blog)
And by the way, if you check my blog you’ll see that I rarely talk about the companies I am an affiliate for. Why would I do a dumb thing like that? Instead I create content about real issues and topics that people are interested in.
But most people never do that. Instead they just play the standard ‘repping’ or affiliate game, follow the ‘push button easy’ system, and hope they make some money. Then when the company hits a patch of choppy water and throws you off its boat you have nothing to show for it.
Is that what you want?
You don’t? Good
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