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 Now IS the Time to Build Value and Create Your Own Potent ‘Authority’ Brand

This is the final post in the 4 part series on value building.  Read the last one here – Network Marketers Deluding Themselves.
This series has been about what I call the value building imperative.  Whether you’re an affiliate marketer or a network marketer you need to focus on creating your own value.
Anyway as a result of publishing this series I got a number of responses.
Here’s what one guy said…….
“Thanks Kim, Are you saying that I should reject their value and accept your value and promote your value as you see to learn how to promote my own value by promoting your perceived value, just to see if you are correct, in what you think I should be doing to create my own value, without promoting your value, at the same time, thus falling into the same trap as promoting someone else’s value and making you rich at the same time by promoting your value’s. Thanks again, can’t wait to what you have to say tomorrow :-)”
Now I get what my new friend is saying, but a close re-read of my last email will reveal I made this point very clearly:
“What I offer is mentoring, coaching and practical help to get your business off the ground. My purpose is always to direct you to create your own value – even if you’re an affiliate selling someone else’s products.
In other words I want to move you in the direction of creating your own value which will help you build a tribe of followers who want to do business with you. Once you’ve done that you’ll no longer be dependent on a company, or anyone else for that matter.

Value Builders Gain More Trust From Their Audience

Keep in mind that I’m talking about timeless concepts and strategies here:
1. Build Your Brand
2. Create Authority Positioning
Why do we do it?  To put it bluntly we do it because we make more money when we do it, than if we don’t.  The reason is quite simple – when you have a brand you position yourself as an authority in your space.  You may not be the only authority and you may only have limited authority, but that’s all you need to win a financial benefit for yourself.
Bottom line – brands instil confidence in their audience and generate more TRUST.
Do it well and your sales conversions will go through the roof. And yes you can do it yourself. You can create your own Authority Positioning Blog and create your own content.
You can then leverage some of that content into a branded info ‘product’, which you can give away for free, or sell for a small price. Great way to build a list, eh?
You can do it all yourself, for sure.
Or you can collaborate with someone who has already done it and has a team in place to make it happen fast for you.
Either way you’ll be building YOUR value on YOUR terms, which is hugely different to joining a program and just buying into their value.
By the way I received some other email responses too. Here’s what someone else said:
“Dear Kim, I’m in agreement with much of what you have gotten across to me in your email, im having a hard time understanding the ways to go about setting up things that i consider techie but am trying to learn more about so that i may put my areas of so called actions, that are responsive to the content and/or add that i am wanting to display, I don’t have any assistant helping me to learn other than the bits & pieces that i seem to believe came from some of the experiences of this online thing. (what a nightmare!) or maybe better put “challenge, I will keep an eye out for your email tomorrow and the following days to come! Thank You!”
Look, there’s nothing wrong with promoting affiliate offers – I do it all the time. But the key reason why I keep attracting an endless stream of buyers is not just to do with the product offer itself. People buy because they like my personal brand and the value that is associated with it – they want to do business with me.
This is why I don’t hustle, push, or cajole people to buy – I don’t need to.
And that’s where I want you to be so you can make more sales, more easily.

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