Internet Marketing From Home

Made Any Sales Yet?

I ask this question because I KNOW there are people on my list who still haven’t made a single sale in their home business. This is particularly troubling when I learn that some of them have been trying to make money online for months (even years), and still have not produced a sale. How come? … Read more

Sales Page Creation – Kim Willis Critiques Fred Raley's Page

How to Dramatically Increase Your Results With Effective Tweaks to Your Sales Page One of my students, Fred Raley, asked for help with his sales page. He’s done some good work on it already, but it needed some tweaking. Which is exactly what I did. Watch the video tutorial to see what I did……..  Need … Read more

The Bangkok Blahs (Bored Out Of My Brain In One Of The World's Most Exciting Cities.)

Bangkok Nightlife – Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be When you’re not in the mood it really doesn’t matter where you are……. There I was last weekend in sexy and steamy Bangkok. My hotel was very close to one of the many nightlife districts. As I walked down the street I dubbed ‘party central’ … Read more