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Causes of High Home Business Failure Rates

walk the talk 3Is It System Failure or People Failure?

People say that network marketing and the like is a bad business to be in because so many people fail.  They suggest that the reason for the high failure rate is because there is something inherently wrong with the business model.  In other words it’s more of a problem with systemic failure than something wrong with the people who join these programs.
What about other fields of human endeavour where a high degree of personal motivation and discipline is also required?  Low failure rates there?  Hardly.  On the contrary, it is probable that no matter what industry you look at, if the activity requires people to be self starters and highly motivated, failure rates will necessarily be high.
Today I read a story on Warrior Forum about a guy who had morphed from one income generating activity to another.
He started out as a freelance writer for Yahoo, then he hired writers to create content for him for Elance.
By 2009 he was the #1 grossing writer by far, but learned something interesting about people……..
Most people are NOT self starters.
Unless they have someone watching over them, they fold like a pack of cards.
In fact of the first 30 writers he hired only 3-4 persevered for more than a month – the rest quit. And over the last 7 years he had hired 1,000 writers yet only 30 ‘stuck with it all the way through’, and go onto bigger and better things.
This is what he said:
“On the other hand, about 800 of the thousand are still writing $10 articles on and off because they never understood the success they could have by truly committing.
As soon as they had a little success, it went to their heads and they would forget that marketing is a business. You have to study, keep up with trends, talk to your customers, constantly market, build your network…..and post lots of content daily. The 800+ just couldn’t do that without someone standing over them and telling them to.”
Mmm.  Sound familiar?  Ever added people to your team – people who paid money to join yet did little or nothing to build their new sales business?
For sure

The Thing Is

Most people have low aspirations and very little self worth.  That’s why they end up in dead end jobs working for people who pay them what they’re worth, which is usually not a great deal.
When they say they hate their job what they’re really saying is that they hate the fact that they have no control over their destiny, but when given the chance to put their money where their mouth is they (often) fall apart.  They just can’t hack the requirements of business and entrepreneurship.
Above all they lack self discipline, persistence and an ability to do what it takes to get a worthwhile result.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

So the message here is don’t beat yourself up because people in your team are not doing anything.  Just as you can’t turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse, you also can’t make someone successful, if they don’t have the fire in the belly to make it happen themselves.  It’s always going to be in their ball court, not yours.
Don’t worry, be happy!

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