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How To Make Your First Sale Online Within 30 Days

Kim Willis Teaching on a WhiteboardA Simple and Proven Way to Get Sales Flowing – Without Advertising

This is for you if you’re struggling online.  Maybe you’ve made a few sales, or none.  Either way you’re fed up and want to do something about it.  Have no fear, I am here with a simple solution to the problem.
And I want you to get excited about finally getting a steady flow of online sales.  Imagine how it will change things for you – magic can and does happen.  But first…..
I’ve trained thousands of people via webinars and seminars.  And for me, that’s the fun part.  I just love helping people get started in this great industry.  But here is what I’ve learned………
Lots of people come into this internet marketing/affiliate marketing industry and never make a cracker.  So I asked the question – why?  How come I make money year after year, yet some other people don’t even make their first dollar?
After thinking about this for a while I’ve come up with a few reasons……

  • Lack of Clarity, Focus and Confidence
  • No Plan, No Strategy, or Wrong Strategy
  • Lack of Online Marketing Skills
  • Too Much Focus on Making Money – Little or No Focus on the Creation of Value

So if you’re confused, if you lack confidence and clarity…..
I just want to tell you it’s OK.  It’s completely normal.  So don’t worry – I’ve got good news for you today.  Because I’m going to show you how we can fix those problems once and for all.  So you can make sale after sale, week after week, month after month.

What the Gurus Don’t Tell You

The goo-roos will tell you that you must spend money on ads, and to hell with the consequences.  What they don’t tell you are the HUGE risks associated with advertising when you don’t have a brand, and you don’t know what you’re doing.  The internet marketing graveyards are littered with the remains of tens of thousands of suckers who bought into the sales pitch, went out and spent a fortune on ads  – and never made money.
This situation has made me angry – as angry as hell.  I am sick of hearing them sprout their stuff because as an insider I know exactly what is happening.  For every person who makes a profit from ads, there are at least 100 others who lose money, hand over fist.
Don’t let that happen to you.  Here is a better way………
Initially it is much better to get some success happening using ‘free’ methods only.  This will take the pressure off and will enable you to stay sane during the testing early stages.  Does this mean that you should never use paid advertising to build your business?  Not at all.  In fact, once you’ve got some sales flowing, sure – scale up with ads.  But not a minute before.
So forget the self serving goo-roo nonsense and instead embrace a simpler strategy that doesn’t require deep pockets.  Nor does it require you to study a complicated strategy for the next month or more, just to get a basic handle on how it works.
Instead, what I am going to teach you will give you forward movement within days – not weeks or months.  Better than that I will also focus on zero cost methods that flat out work.

Can You Do This?

Well, here is my biggest challenge – convincing you that you are good enough to make your first sale, and then back it up with a continual flow of sales.  So here’s what I want you to do…….
I want you to enroll in my new How to Make Your First Sale Onlinecourse.  This short 4 week training program will show you exactly how to make your first sale online – even if you have no product and no list.  But more than this……. – I’ll show you how to do it without spending a cent on ads – And you’ll learn how to do it within 30 days starting from scratch – I’ll show you how to get the traffic flowing fast – for FREE – I’ll show you how to get the leads happening – for FREE.  So you not only make your first sale online, but repeat the process over and over again Like that idea?  Sure.  I thought you would.
How would it feel if I open and share my best ‘secrets’, and give you an insiders look at how I get the sales happening week after week, month after month.  These are the same strategies that enable me to travel the world and live the laptop lifestyle (currently I’m in Cambodia, before that Vietnam) Would that be valuable for you? Sure. If so, I think you will love this class I’m running.

All These Inclusions!

Take a look at what the package includes…. 1. Four Powerful Sessions (recorded).  2. Q&A on each session – get your questions answered from a multiple 6 figure earner.  3. Your own Membership Site.  4.  Valuable resources and templates on the Membership Site.

Make Your First Sale Online in 30 Days

Commitments to Make
OK, now for this to work I am going to administer some medicine………..
You must agree to do your homework, because each week I will ask you to complete some homework which is integral to the core objective of this course – to help you make your first sales online.
So the 4 core things you will learn are as follows:

  • WEEK 1.  I’m going to teach you how to build your own list from scratch, in your first week.  I don’t care how many list building problems you’ve had in the past, this one will flat out work.  So that takes care of week 1.
  • WEEK 2. For week 2 I’m going to do something radical.  I’m going to show you how to create your first online product – quickly and without fuss.  Now I know you’re probably expecting me to push an affiliate marketing product, but I’ve decided to go straight for the gold, and give you the wherewithal to almost instantly create your own info product.  (BTW if you also have an affiliate product you want to promote you can adapt much of what I teach you, no problem.)
  • WEEK 3.  For Week 3 I am going to show you how to sell your new product to the initial list I helped you create.  Too easy.  But I’ll go further…….I’ll also share with you my ‘secret sauce’ – I’m going to show you how to use your new mini product as ‘lead bait’ to make big ticket affiliate sales, that will pay you AT LEAST another $1,000 per sale on autopilot.  Just this lesson alone could be worth 100X what you paid for the entire course.
  • WEEK 4.  Finally I am going to show you how to create a sizzling automated autoresponder email series that will enable you to sell your product(s) again and again to new people who join your list.

Let’s take a quick look at outcomes.  Do your homework as I lay it out for you, and at the end of the four week training program you’ll be able to easily:

  1. Get new subscribers on your list EVERY DAY
  2. You WILL have an email campaign with at least 10 emails loaded up and being sent to your subscribers on autopilot.
  3. You will know exactly how to use your products to create back end sales into high ticket products that can make you at least an additional $1,000 per sale.
  4. You WILL be able to produce at least one new mini info product EVERY MONTH and at the end of the year have a suite of simple but effective products that will form part of your ‘asset base’.  This is one of the keys to creating long term sustainable income online.  By the way each of your mini products will be sold automatically via your email campaign, no sweat.

More Good News – The Early Bird Catches the Worm

Here is more good news……
I’m going to teach you at a fraction of the cost I would normally want people to pay.  Why?  Because I think it’s high time that someone like me stepped up to the plate, cut through the clutter and the BS.  And stripped away the fat and the padding – and created a do-able program that ANYONE can afford.
So I’m testing a ‘crazy brave’ price which WILL go up – and I’m even planning to sell the recorded versions of the individual sessions for at least $50 each, which is way more than you will pay for the entire program.
You could pay hundreds even thousands for the type of content I’m going to share with you.
The cost of the course is $97,  but I’ve set the introductory price at $27.  But I have even better news for you today.  Because TODAY you won’t even pay that.  What I’ve done is create a kind of dime sale offer.
The price starts super low and a lucky handful of people will get it at that price.  Take a look here at TODAY’S PRICE.  But hurry because as soon as the allocation at that price has been filled, the price jackpots. If you love the idea of finally taking control and being in command of your own ship, this training is for you.  If you’ve come to the realisation that standard affiliate programs and network marketing programs are NOT for you, welcome – you’ll be in safe hands here.
When you finish the trainings you will have in your hands a special business model that will represent a turning point – a turning point away from the ho hum ‘me too’ programs that pervade the internet.  You will know exactly how to create value for your audience and in all likelihood will have your first product AND your first sale under the belt, with many more to follow. Secure your super low price today.  Do It NOW!

Make Your First Sale Online in 30 Days

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