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Made Any Sales Yet?

I ask this question because I KNOW there are people on my list who still haven’t made a single sale in their home business.
This is particularly troubling when I learn that some of them have been trying to make money online for months (even years), and still have not produced a sale.
How come?
Various reasons:
1. Lack of knowledge
2. Lack of skills
3. Lack of motivation
4. Plagued by self doubt
5. Poor work ethic
If you are struggling to make a regular flow of sales, take a look at the above list. Hit the jackpot for ya?
If your main problem is anything to do with the last 3 points I may not be able to help you.
The reason is that I cant FORCE people to be motivated or to work
But if you identify more with the first 2 reasons – lack of knowledge and lack of skills – I CAN help.
By the way, as a side benefit I’ve found that when people start getting clear on what they have to do and start doing it – their motivation naturally increases anyway.
So let’s get you into action and skilled up.
There are different ways to do this. For instance my high end consulting packages will do it for sure. But they ain’t cheap.
On the other hand my little do it yourself training series IS cheap. And it flat out works. All you need is a bit of initial motivation and a bit of a work ethic.
Then magic WILL happen for you.
Make a Sale (Like Yesterday)
Kim Willis

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