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Top 5 Ways to Follow Up Leads So You Convert More of Them Into Sales

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Top 5 Ways to Follow Up Leads So You Make Lots More Sales

1. Call Them

The phone is still the best tool for conversions. But the downside is that you must have good communication skills to make it work.
Can you learn the skills required to get the sales and sign ups flowing? Yes for sure.
But you need more than skills. You need the right mindset. Without that you will not succeed. What do I mean by that?
You need to ‘see’ yourself as a problem solver and solution provider. You are more like a consultant than a sales person. Well at least that’s the way you should perceive yourself.
I say that because that’s exactly the approach I took when I was dialing for dollars. I phoned well more than 10,000 leads in my heyday and made a lot of money from employing effective phone skills.
Not all online marketers need to use the phone to make sales. If you’re selling a small ticket product then the use of the phone is not required for the simple reason that it cannot be justified on economic grounds. It’s not financially viable.
But if you have a big ticket product in your portfolio that pays at least $1k to you, then a phone call can make all the difference. Same comments apply to MLM. Although you don’t make much money from the initial product order, the back end with mlm programs is always very strong thereby justifying the time investment.

2. Email Them

Despite what I said in point 1, email is now my favorite way to make a sale. Not as potent as the phone, the email strategy nevertheless works great if you have a good responsive list, with new subscribers being added regularly (daily is best).
A typical email sequence I use is this:
Week 1 – Nurture and add value
Week 2 – Promote your first product
Week 3 – Nurture and add value
Week 4 – Promote your second product
Month 2 – rinse and repeat
Keep in mind that email is best for selling small ticket products. That said if you also have a big ticket product you can still use email to stimulate people to talk to you.
One of the techniques I use is to ask people to complete an application form in return for a free consultation. Of course that will mean some phone or Skype time, but my email sequences at least moved the prospect to the point where they WANT to talk to me. Importantly they will see me as an expert who is there to solve their problem. That’s what I call perfect positioning. Try it.

3. Text Them

I’ve done a bit of this with good results, but only to leads that I already had acquired from other sources. Unfortunately because I now spend more time out of my country than in it, it is not economically viable to be currently using this strategy.
But if you access to the mobile phone numbers of your leads, this is one hot little strategy.
What I like about is that a higher number of people will respond to a text than will respond to an email.
When sending a text message keep it simple – just tell them that you received their enquiry and wanted to say ‘hi’. You can add a question such as ‘Can I ask what it is that you’re looking for?’ or similar. The key is to get them to engage with you.

4. Skype Them

If you can get people to hook up with you on Skype, the chances of doing business go through the roof.
I make it known to prospects that I am happy to talk to them on Skype. For instance on some of my capture pages I include my Skype name which shows them that I don’t hide behind a computer. I also do the same thing on my blog.
When opening a dialogue with a prospect always start by asking questions such as:
– ‘How did you find my page?’
– ‘What are you looking for?’
– ‘How can I help you?’
– ‘Why did you make an inquiry?’
– ‘What problem are you trying to solve?’

5. Facebook Them

When you get a lead see if you can find them on Facebook. Then send them a message asking if you can add them as a friend. From there you can use the chat box to build a relationship.
Once again your objective is to engage with them – to establish a dialogue. The best way to do that is to ask involving questions such as listed above in Point 4.
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