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Jamie Foxx on Story Telling

Jamie Foxx on Story Telling (For New Mike Tyson Movie)

Novice marketers are usually unfamiliar with this marketing lesson, but the fact is that much of the important narrative that percolates through societies and cultures revolves around stories.
And stories get passed down from one generation to another.
As an Australian I am acutely aware of what is known as the Anzac story. Not actually a single story, but a multitude of stories of sacrifice that our armed forces have made in various wars, going right back to World War 1. (Actually I think it started before then, in the Crimean War.)
I have no doubt that some of these stories are more myth than fact, but the power of the story endures.
So it is with building a business and persuading people to do business with you. Effective use of stories will build an audience and influence them to take the first step and buy your stuff.
Stories in a business context can take many forms, but one of the most obvious examples is the testimonial, which is really just a story designed to validate your product, service, or business.
I’ll talk about other types of stories at another time, but to close this mini lesson go and watch a masterful story teller in the form of Jamie Foxx, talking about his latest movie.

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