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9 Suicide Words That Will Kill Your Ads

9 Suicide Words That Will Kill Your Ads

9 Suicide Words That Will Kill Your Ads

1. Quality

This word is often used but rarely has any impact with an audience. Why? It’s been done to death and is a walking, talking cliché with a capital C. If you must use it take extra time to educate your audience as to why you are the quality provider in your niche.

2. Value

Yada Yada Yada. Another ho hum lamo word that lazy marketers use too often. Same comments apply as above.

3. Service

As they say in Cambodia – same same. Yes it’s another cliché. We know you think your service is the best, but all your competitors say the same thing. So why use it? What you must do is hit people between the eyes with examples and case histories that show in no uncertain terms why and how your customer experience is superior to all your competitors.

4. Impactful

Impactful is another buzz word for the times. But because it does not emotionally resonate in any way with your audience, it’s a big turn off. A better word would be ‘effective’ – a traditional word that everyone understands.

5. No Brainer

In the right context these words can work well. I use them from time to time. Unfortunately it has become overused to the point of exhaustion. But it is essentially a gimmicky phrase, and novice wordsmiths use it indiscriminately, which of course lessens its impact. Usage can also alienate conservative folk who hate it. Try substituting words like ‘no contest’ or ‘obvious’.

6. Once In a Lifetime

Oh dear. Do you REALLY think a cynical audience will buy this one? Hardly. It fails the truth test. Face it, it’s a bald faced lie. Use BS words like these and watch your audience alienation numbers explode.

7. Professional

I know you’re professional, ‘cause you tell us you are, ad nauseam. But it’s another boring cliché that really means nothing to your audience. That is, unless you educate them as to why you are a cut above your competitors.

8. Quality Workmanship


9. Skill Set

Here’s the golden rule of copywriting.  If there is a no gimmick shorter alternative, generally you should use it. Why use ‘skill set’ when the simpler and shorter ‘skill’ will work just as well?

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