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Lobotomy Time – Prosperity Law of Vacuum

law of vacuum

Create a Space For the Good You Desire

Cut it out!
That’s what they used to say when lobotomy’s were all the rage about 50 years ago.  Psychiatrists who wanted to tame the behaviour of their more extreme patients performed the procedure quite regularly (actually a surgeon did it but at the behest of the psychiatrist).
So they’d put them into the operating theater then slice and dice their brain with the result being that Crazy Dave was no longer a pain in the butt to deal with, but could still feed himself!
Seems barbaric but the practise was reasonably common 50 years ago as stated. In fact I worked in a psychiatric hospital for a year (as a young lad) and saw patients who had been lobotomised.  Not pretty.
So what’s this got to do with you and your desire to make money online?
Nothing and everything…..
Basically it’s all about behaviour modification. You don’t need a lobotomy but if you’re not kicking some worthwhile goals something probably needs to change.
Recently I wrote about leaving the past behind and moving forward irrespective of what happened previously.
Best way to do that is to practise the Prosperity Law of Vacuum – create a space for the good you desire. But the Prosperity Law of Vacuum can also be employed to achieve other worthwhile outcomes……..
We all have clutter in our lives and often times it is the clutter that gets in the way of us moving forward and doing some great things.
There are 3 types of clutter:
1. People
2. Activities
3. Mental
Maybe you have someone in your life who is holding you back. If so, perhaps it is time to review the relationship.
This week I removed three people from my life. It was a hard thing to do, and I agonised over it for days prior, but after I did it the sense of relief and peace was palpable. Now I can focus on filling the space with better relationships. Got it?
The second one is activities, and some people are involved in way too many activities that may make them feel good on one level, but in reality achieves absolutely nothing. Activities such as playing computer games, searching the web excessively, too much TV time, as well as various offline activities.
One way or another these activities are just distractions and take time and focus away from creating a better future for ourselves.
So the message is……
Create that space for the good you desire – even if it’s uncomfortable at the time!
And it often IS uncomfortable because we hate to let go of ‘things’ that we hold dear.
The last one is thoughts. We often have thoughts that are destructive and self sabotaging.
Sometimes we don’t want to admit it because our ego gets in the way. But essentially you should have a good hard look at yourself and identify the BS stories you may have been feeding yourself for way too long.
Awareness is all. Once you are aware of the problem then you can move forward and fix it.
If you’re still living in victim mode (eg ‘My boss was mean to me’, ‘I was scammed’, ‘my dog hates me’) get over it. Expunge the bad thinking so you can move forward.
Looking back I think one of the reasons why I did so well so fast in the online world was this: I created a space by taking responsibility for the mistakes I’d made (yes I got scammed too – one cost me $400k).
Even though I was criminally scammed I decided that if I was to succeed and create an income as a newbie online marketer, I couldn’t take the stinkin’ thinkin’ into the new venture. Instinctively I knew that if I didn’t remove that negative clutter from my tiny little brain, I would surely fail online.
So there ya go. Ready to create some space in your life?
Think about it!

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