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Successful Marketer Started When He Was 14 – and He’s Never Had a Job!

My eldest son, Damien, is age 28 and has never had a job.
My youngest son, Nathan, is age 25 and has never had a job.
Both my cousins have never had jobs (other than as apprentices, but that was thirty years ago)
And yesterday I had a longish conversation with a young American blogger, James McAllister.  He’s never had a job either.
So what have these layabouts been doing all these years?
They’ve been building their businesses.
In particular, James started an online business when he was just 14!  By the time he was 18 he was making much more than other 18 year olds, so he made the decision to quit the rat race before he joined it.  Neat.
With the advent of the internet things are different now.  Today there are an ever increasing number of young people who work online for themselves without ever receiving a paycheck from an employer.
It’s kinda like it was before the age of industrialization, because back then most people were self employed.
How does James make money online?
Mainly from selling courses that he’s developed.  But he also generates income from selling ads on his site Help Start My Site, as well as from promoting affiliate offers.
Imagine that – conjuring an income out of thin air.  All it takes is intent, a plan and the discipline to follow it through.
Power to you, young James!

The Wrap Up

I met James through an introduction from fellow blogger Ryan Biddulph.  (Ryan recently published a new book called 27 Influential Bloggers You Need to Follow which featured James as ‘one of the 27′ – I was another one.)  I tell you this for one reason: making money online is not exactly how it seems.  To become really successful at it, you will still need to connect with people so you can build your influence, trust and credibility.  Who you know is just as important as what you know (maybe more so), which in reality is no different to the offline world.  What’s the saying?  The more things change the more they stay the same’.  Think about it!

10 thoughts on “James McAllister Blog – A Valuable Resource”

  1. Hey Kim,
    Great to see you highlighting James over here, he is a pretty awesome guy. I love that he had the initiative to start online at such an early age. I only wish the internet had been around when I was much younger but at least it’s affording the kids today to find other ways to support themselves because we all know that joining the rat race is not the way to go anymore.
    I think that’s awesome that your kids have never had the regular type of jobs either. So inspirational because it goes to show what you can accomplish with a little hard work and drive.
    Thanks again for featuring James here and I hope you both have a great weekend. It’s almost here now.

    • Hi Adrienne,
      Thanks for this!
      Yes James sure did impress me yesterday – I had a good chat to him on Skype. (He also liked the tips I gave him too.) In time I will do a full profile on him, after I do one on you!
      What you are doing is special.

      • Glad you two had a chance to chat on Skype. I’m sure that went really well.
        I know that doing a full profile on him will be awesome and am flattered that you’re considering doing one on me. Thank you Kim.
        You have a great weekend.

  2. Hi Kim,
    Good to see you talking about James here. He’s the shock of most lazy young people. I have known and also featured him on my blog. It’s good collaborating with him and I think Ryan is right to have added him to the list.
    Congratulations James

    • Hey Enstine
      Sorry for late reply. My son installed Discuss and its only been today that I figured out how to reply to comments! (Maybe I should switch to CommentLuv, eh?)
      Yes James is an inspiration. He’s only 19 yet he’s done so much already. As an aside yesterday he asked me to do an interview. Naturally I said YES!
      Thanks Enstine, Kim

  3. Hi Kim!
    Wow! Thank you so much for featuring me here. It was great to hear that your two sons and cousins never had jobs either. I agree that today it is easier than ever to really work for yourself, and I don’t think my situation would be all that uncommon if more people knew about the possibilities of self-employment and had the determination to make it happen.
    “Imagine that – conjuring an income out of thin air.”
    Funny story, my mother recently began working with a multimillionaire real estate investor in our home town. When she told him about me, he was absolutely amazed by the fact that I created income out of nothing, with no money to start out with. So many people do not realize the possibilities we have now. It’s truly an exciting time to be alive.
    I had a very enjoyable time talking with you Kim and I appreciate the advice you’ve given me during that time. I look forward to speaking with you again soon!

  4. James certainly does rock Kim!
    I recently twisted his arm, into becoming one of my
    main entrepreneurial Coaches and Mentors!LOL!
    Because as you pointed out, he’s an incredibly sharp and
    accomplished entrepreneur/marketer.
    And I’ve quickly discovered, he’s an incredibly driven and laser
    focused individual.
    And in the very short time, he’s been coaching and directing my online
    journey, I can easily see and appreciate, his vast knowledge and grasp, of how things really work online.
    Big congrats to kids BTW, for enthusiastically embracing entrepreneurship, over
    A testament to your influence over them, no doubt.
    Thanks for featuring James, he’s an awesome teacher/coach/mentor, with ton’s of
    real world entrepreneurial experiences, that he gladly shares, with the right motivated

    • Hi Mark
      Yes, you’re right – James is unique. His story, though unusual, and not typical (who needs that anyway!) is inspiring. If he plays his cards right he will achieve great things.
      Thanks for your comment


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