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Enstine Muki – The Interview

Enstine Muki

Enstine Muki is an online marketer and programmer who hails from Douala in Cameroon. If you’re not aware of Cameroon it’s a Central African country that borders Nigeria.  Cameroon was formerly a French colony, and the French influence lives on – as it does in all former French colonies (as I write this I’m in Cambodia, another former French colony).
OK back to my subject for today…….
Enstine started out as a computer programmer but in recent years also turned his hand to marketing and blogging.  Today he has a unique combination of skills – technical/ programming skills combined with marketing skills which he channels through his blog.
Enstine generates income in a number of different ways:

  1. As An Affiliate.  He receives commissions when someone buys one of of his recommended products.
  2. As a Product Developer.  He develops products that help bloggers and others  become more productive.  Two examples of products he’s developed are Viralbird Traffic Script and CashDonator wp (WordPress) Plugin.

Enstine is a ‘happy dad and husband’ since 2008.   He’s been working in the online space since 2005, and generating income by creating websites and web applications.
Recently I conducted an interview with Enstine and here are his answers to the questions I posed to him…….

1. When did you start working in the online space?

I started online in 2005, creating websites for local clients. The Internet was a luxury in my country in those days)
In 2009, I discovered Internet Marketing and made my first $33.33 commission from promoting a Clickbank DIY Solar Energy product. I got boosted and registered for an Affiliate Marketing course online.
It ended after a few weeks because Internet services and online payments were just in their infancy in my country.  I couldn’t continue the online journey so by the end of 2009, I stopped Internet Marketing and every activity to earn money online.

3. How long did it take for income to flow?

In 2011, I came back with much more determination. That was when I started seeing income and made about $29,000 that year. I wrote this post for details how I generate the income.

4. What has changed since then?

A lot has changed. One of these changes is the fact that I have become a better blogger. I started my first blog in 2012 after reading consistently  I was also encouraged by many other bloggers who used my tools and worked closely with me.

5. Why did you start your online business?

I started in 2002 as a PC technician and of course, this cannot work without the Internet. With time, I found out that there are more opportunities online. With these opportunities, one can generate income and live in freedom.  Despite the difficulty in working online from my country, I wanted to grab these online businesses and be one of the first in my nation.

6. What has been your greatest success?

I think my greatest success was my first product I created and sold out in 2011. Though I have made more money since then, that product alone generated a handsome amount and laid the foundation for my blogging career.

7. What obstacles have you experienced?

The main obstacle has been the poor Internet Services in my country. It’s still quite expensive as we speak. Currently, I’m paying over $55 per month with just 700mb of limited bandwidth per day. That means I cannot even do videos online.
The second obstacle is payment. It’s difficult to get paid from online business in Cameroon. Paypal hasn’t opened that option for us. I remember I just got an expired affiliate check from It took about 3 months to get to me 😉

8. Where do you see your business heading in the future?

There are so many opportunities online and I see endless growth. Being one of the first full time bloggers in my country, I see a virgin land. Though the infrastructures are still poor, they are gradually being improved upon. I see my business heading to impressive growth and success. That’s while I’ll end at nothing to see this success

9. If you had your time over again, what (if anything) would you do differently?

I don’t think I’ll do anything much differently. I may consider blogging in another niche but as a serial entrepreneur, I will still keep creating products and moving on.

10. Is there any advice you can give to newbie marketers?

The Internet is crowded and can easily confuse anyone. So many bad guys struggling to make money at all cost.  Newbie marketers must do a lot of research before investing in any opportunity. There is a lot of scams. Secondly, they must focus in order to make it. There are so many opportunities but few of them can be your real gold. Choose wisely and focus on one at a time.
Invest in training and get the right materials. If possible, get a coach.
Thanks Enstine!  You can connect with him here:


12 thoughts on “Enstine Muki – The Interview”

  1. Hey Kim,
    Thanks for the interview and the exposure here on your blog.
    I’m so excited about it. I will be here to answer any questions from
    your readers 😉

  2. Hi Kim, What a wonderful interview you shared with my “blogging buddy” @enstinemuki:disqus I’ve known him for a while now and he sure knows how to run his business. Affiliate marketing is one thing, but coming up with his own product really sky-rocketed him. His advice to newbies is spot on! Thanks for doing this interview.

    • Hi @donna_tribe:disqus, I’m so pleased to see you here and thanks for the kind words. I also thank Kim for giving me the opportunity to share a few things about me and my country.
      There are better days ahead so let’s keep giving 😉

    • I feel like a fool Donna! So sorry for my very late reply – it wont happen again (the reason was that my son installed Disqus and it was only today I found the comments) And then i couldn’t figure out how to reply!
      Just goes to show you can be a technophobe and still do well!
      Yes Enstine is a bit of an inspiration. He lives in a poor country with very bad internet, yet he still keeps growing his online business
      Thanks again Donna

  3. Hi Kim,
    Really nice that you interview Enstine for your blog because he certainly has an interesting story to tell.
    I am certainly impressed that you started making websites when the internet was a luxury in your country, as i grew up with it. If the internet is gone for 1 day, this country goes crazy! 😉
    Even though you had to quit because of circumstances that we’re not within your power, you kept having faith and came back 2 years later with success some people online could only imagine.
    You are not only a successful entrepeneur, but you are a symbol of what is possible when you really put your mind to it. You have definitely not reached your maximum plateau of success Enstine.
    Your idea of creating products and moving on truly fascinates and inspires me.
    I agree on your thoughts on focus, investing and getting a coach.
    A lot of people might also need to read some books that will break some limited beliefs they have, so they will not self sabotage their own success.
    Thanks a lot for your answers Enstine and Kim thank you for having this guest on your blog.
    – Jasper

    • Hi Jasper,
      Thanks for reading this interview and taking time to drop such an encouraging comment. with support from friends and community members, I’m really boosted to push through the odds.
      One day, things shall be better. I have hope 😉
      do have a wonderful week my dear friend

  4. Hi Kim,
    What a wonderful interview with my buddy Enstine.
    I SO admire his determination and of course the obstacles he has to face in his country, well he’s living proof that when you’re determined to make this work you will can can find ways.
    He’s someone I look up to and is always eager to share with his audience what he’s been doing, how he’s making his income and tips that can help them along. He’s someone who has done the work and gotten the results so those are the people we enjoy learning from the most.
    Thank you for highlighting him, you made a good choice.
    Hope you have a wonderful day and a terrific week.

    • Hey Adrienne,
      I have pocketed a lot from your deep well of knowledge, from downloading your free report to reading your blog posts (on your blog and a few guest articles you have written). That has laid a very solid foundation upon which I flow.
      Everyone around you knows you are made up of very awesome stuff. Thanks for giving out real value to your readers 😉
      Keep keeping on!

  5. How funny! The last thing I did write before I came to your site and saw this article was send an email to Enstine. What a coincidence.
    I’ve known Enstine for a while now but this was a great chance to learn even more about him, especially his background since I was largely unfamiliar with that.
    Great advice and a great read as well!

  6. You are not only a successful entrepeneur, but you are a symbol of what is possible when you really put your mind to it. You have definitely not reached your maximum plateau of success Enstine.
    Your idea of creating products and moving on truly fascinates and inspires me.I agree on your thoughts on focus, investing and getting a coach.


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