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Confessions of a Digital Nomad (Free Webinar Invite)

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They ask me how I do it
They think that maybe one day they’ll do the same thing
Is it possible?
I’m talking about the digital nomad lifestyle I’ve been living for the last 2 years.
This is for you if you’ve ever dreamed of just dropping out of the rat race for a while.
So I’m gonna spill the beans and how I do it, how I make the money no matter where I am in the world, as well as the pros and cons of becoming a digital nomad.
So I’m calling it:
Confessions of a Digital Nomad
Here is what you’ll learn….
Live Cheap or Live Like a King.  The options.
Butterfly or Slug.  Stay put in one country – immerse yourself in the local culture, for months and years, OR trip around like a butterfly.  Name your poison.  (I also discuss a more conservative option – be a digital nomad in your own country, without ANY overseas travel.)
Which Country For You?  Some countries are more user friendly than others – I cover the differences.
The Downside of the 4 Hour Workweek.  If you’ve read Tim Ferris’ book you’ll be familiar with his concepts.  But there is a downside.
Taxation, Visas, and Bureaucrats.  To bribe or not to bribe?
Health and Medical.   How to minimise the risks.
Know Yourself.  Some expats fall into very bad habits.  Learn how to avoid the seductions and temptations of life in other countries.
Leverage Your Skill.  Do you already have a skill,  passion or interest?  Learn how to profitably leverage it – and join the ever swelling ranks of digital nomads.
Staying Connected, Even If You’re a Long Way From ‘Home’.  The world seems smaller now – we look at your communication options.
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Confessions of a Digital Nomad

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Date: Wednesday October 14
Time: 8pm Sydney time
Duration: 90 minutes
Life’s too damn short to be just going through the motions of daily living.  So jump on this and learn how to take control of your own life,
(NOTE: this is NOT a business opportunity presentation.)
So book now
Kim Willis
P.S. I’ll have a $250 bonus for you, when you attend.  So book now:
Confessions of a Digital Nomad

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