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George Benson versus Nightmare AD

Nightmare on Sharky’s Street

Sharky Bar is a famous (or is it infamous?) rock and roll bar in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  It is also a haven for rock tragics, feral hippies, expat sleazebags, and hookers.  And then there is me.  At Sharky Bar I’m like a fish out of water.  I know it, but hey, it’s the story of my life.
The good news is that the hookers love me, several of whom would be happy to go home with me without me paying them a cent.  Of course I always decline their highly tempting offers.   Or do I? The point of this is not to brag but simply to illustrate a good marketing point.  That is, if you differentiate yourself from others you are going to stand out, and get noticed.
I know I don’t fit at Sharky Bar, yet I go there often.  I guess that’s because I’m a fly on the wall kind of guy, an observer if you like.  And I do like seeing the seedy side of life once every week or two, probably because it is so opposite to me.
Recently I fronted up to Sharky to see a heavy metal band, called Nightmare AD.  Now I need to declare that I’m not a heavy metal fan, but I thought I would take a look if for no other reason than it might give me good material for my blog.  Before the band started playing I ordered a meal, Pad Thai.  Yum!
Here it is here…………
pad thai

Nightmare A D Sharky Bar Phnom Penh

By the time I finished my meal the band was loading their equipment onto the stage, so I got the drinks waitress to clear away the plate etc from the bar so I could be ready when the band started.  I also took the precaution of bringing some ear plugs  because I damaged my left ear a long time ago when I was at a disco with my late wife.
The band started and within 3 minutes I knew I wasn’t going to be staying long, but shot some video footage for you anyway.  When you watch it you’ll see this lunatic feral guy doing something crazy with his head.  Take a look………

George Benson – Take Five

Anyway 45 minutes later I departed, happy that I went but searching for something more sublime, more sophisticated.  The next place on my agenda was a jazz bar called Doors.  I’d never been there before but had heard it was good.  After checking out Google Maps it seemed easy to find.  So after leaving Sharky Bar I started walking.  I walked down dark garbage strewn streets, up blind alleys, past the hostess bars and the spivs.  But I could not for the life of me find that freaking Jazz Bar.
After an hour and a half I abandoned my search and caught a tuk tuk back home.
As soon as I got home I turned on my laptop, went straight to You Tube and found this amazing video from a young George Benson.  Sheer bliss.  George Benson is well known for his vocal performances.  What a lot of people don’t know is that he was an extraordinary guitarist before he became famous as a singer. If you like guitar, even if you don’t like jazz, you will love this virtuoso performance from his early years.  A muscular performance, for connoisseurs.

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  1. RE the metal band …. They don’t make music like that any more …. Thank Christ.
    But Georgie Boy’s a pretty talented guy, eh.


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