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You're Never Too Old to Change Direction

Over 50?  Think You’re Over the Hill?  Think Again!

I recorded the above video just to say ‘hey, if you’re over 50 you can crush it in the online world’.
I say this because there’s millions of mature folk out there who would love to be doing the laptop lifestyle thing like me, but they don’t have the confidence to make money online.
Many of them think the internet is for smart young things who live and breathe the internet on a daily basis.
Not so.
In fact you don’t have to be a technical genius to make it online.
Here is part 2 of my video…………

How I Overcame My Technical Phobia

Look at me –  a confirmed technophobe.  Yet I’ve been making a full time income online since 2006, which is the year I started.  Pretty cool.
But I’ve never liked technology.  So in the early days all I did was buy leads online for the affiliate program I was promoting at the time, and follow through on them.  That worked.  But after a year of doing that I wanted to learn more about online marketing, including more advanced traffic, branding, and conversion strategies.
But as I delved deeper I realised that some of it was way over my head.  I’m talking about strategies such as SEO (search engine optimization) and the like.  After trying to make myself an expert in these areas I stopped, and instead handed it over to others.
So here is my formula today:

  1.  I do the absolute minimum needed technically
  2. Everything else I outsource

Not that there’s that much to outsource anyway.  But to give you an idea I don’t build my own websites – I get someone else to do it.
But if I want to build a simple sales page I do that myself, because I use this super easy software which doesn’t require any hard core tech skills.

The Name of the Game For Budding Online Entrepreneurs

So, now that I’ve demonstrated that the tech issue is a non issue, I want to briefly talk about the real issue.  This is something that you have to do, and there is no way around it.  Ready for it?  Ok, here it is…..
Commit to Being An Online Marketing Pro
That’s it.
If you make and keep that commitment, success will ultimately follow.  How quick?  Well some strategies can be more or less mastered in months, not years.
That’s good news, because those strategies will get the traffic and leads flowing for you, and maybe you’ll acquire some juicy customers too.  Yippee!
What is an Online Marketing Pro?  Simple – someone who knows how to drive and convert traffic into income.
Marketing is essentially a creative process and I continue to enjoy this work because I always stay on the creative side of things.
You like the idea of doing what you love, and getting paid to do it?  Would be nice, eh?  Make a start by signing on for my free course……

Free Course To Help You Become a Marketing Pro

To help you get started on this journey, I’ve created a free course:

12 Steps to Become a Lead and Conversion Maestro.

This course will teach you in simple terms the key steps you need to take to generate and convert an endless stream of piping hot leads into customers, who are happy to buy.

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