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Confused, Befuddled, and Bewildered

Ha ha.  Is that you?
Yes?  Welcome to the club!
I get confused on a regular basis.  And no I don’t think I’m senile.
Being confused – at least from time to time is a natural state for internet marketers.
It comes with the territory.
Why?  Well sometimes we’re like the proverbial kid in a candy shop.  So many goodies, so many temptations, so many ways to make money!
But that’s not the only cause of confusion.  Newbies especially experience confusion because they’re learning so much, so fast.  They’re trying to cram loads of info into already overloaded brains.  Is it any wonder they sometimes find the experience overwhelming?
So I recorded this quickie video as part of my gym talk series.  There’s a couple of gold nuggets in this recording, so take a look now……

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