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Way To Go Monkey Brain


The Wrong People In Your Life – Avoid Them Like the Plague!

Some of the people I deal with in business are weird.
I call them monkey brains.
Their brains are scrambled
My youngest son had monkey brain.
Even tennis great Andy Murray had it.
Great talent but his monkey brain was holding him back. Monkey brain ruled!
– Tantrums
– Lack of focus
– Belief issues
All symptoms of monkey brain
Fortunately, Andy fixed it.
Not long after he won his first Grand Slam.
But you need to avoid people with monkey brain like the plague.  But sometimes even the best-laid plan go astray.  I had one recently.  He is an older gentleman who clearly had a problem.
Let me say that I usually avoid working with them because my screening process identifies them early. But somehow this guy slipped through the net.  He wanted to work with me, so I gave my time to him generously. He then bought a product and claimed he sent the money. But the money never arrived.
Then he had a meltdown.  Like a small child.
How did I handle it?  Like I always do.  I hit the eject button.  Instantly.
Out you go.  Out of my life.  The relief was palpable.  You should do the same.
The last things you need in your life are energy drainers and value sub-tractors.
Cut them out!  Be ruthless.  You should never stand for bad behavior.

Other Examples of Monkey Brain

Monkey Brain syndrome manifests in all sorts of ways.  Muddled thinking is one of the ways.    Muddled thinking causes newbies to jump from one program to another, and one guru to another.
Other people shrink into mediocrity because of their lack of clarity and resolve.  So they waste time on too many seminars and webinars, and too many unproductive diversions.  They never seem to take resolute and sustained action.

Focus is the Key

If you can identify with these issues, I want to give you a simple formula which will help you overcome the problem.  Take a look:
1.  Get Passionate.  The technique I used was to get passionate about marketing.  I fell in love with it.  This ensured I was less focused on making money in the short term because I knew that sooner or later my growing skill level would translate to income.
2.  Find Your Why.  Dexter Yaeger said this ‘if the why is big enough the facts don’t matter.’  When you have a big why (or reason), you’ll be less likely to be distracted by silly diversions.
3. Take Daily Action.  Apart from becoming a good student of marketing, you will also need to take productive action every day.  This is mandatory.  If you miss a day, you can easily miss five days.  Before you know it the monkey voices will take over, and you’ll be at extreme risk of exiting the business, just like countless others before you. - banner final
Recently I’ve been writing about how older folk can make a good living working online.
But I do have a caveat on that……..
They have to be in good health and of sound mind.
Of course, this caveat could apply to anyone, but when we get older, the risks of impairment are higher.
That said, the upside is immense and indeed there is huge opportunity for mature people (of sound mind!) to carve out a slice of the pie for themselves.
If you’re over 50, I do hope you read this post (which includes two short videos). If you’ve not yet passed that milestone – pass it along to someone who has!

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