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Passive Income Myths

passive income myths

Passive Income (and Guaranteed Income) Myths

Passive income, is it real?  What about guaranteed autopilot profits?
Take a look at the above pic.  You’ve seen pics like it before, right?
What does it suggest to you?
‘Get rich quick’
‘Too good to be true.’
Exactly.  I know there’s a big market for this type of thing.  Many people love it, and will often transfer their hard earned dollars to spivs if for no other reason than then this:  They WANT to believe in fairy stories!
Can a third party guarantee you success in a business?
Is there such a thing as guaranteed autopilot profits or passive income?
And indeed any thought that a third party can deposit untold thousands of bucks into your bank account without any effort from you is folly.  This is NOT what a real business is about, in fact, it’s more like a scheme or more accurately – a scam.
If you’re looking for that type of thing, this blog post will not give you what you want.  But before you click off this page consider this: What does it say about you that you have this need to transfer responsibility for income generation to someone else?  Think about that for a minute.
There are some things you can do to make the sales and income flow more abundantly.
Make it easy on yourself by doing the hard yards initially.  Once you’ve done the necessary work of laying a proper marketing foundation, the sales will flow in a much more automated way than before.
So this is a marketing issue pure and simple.  So firstly let’s have a look at one of the big mistakes that many failing marketers make……

Do You Make This Foundational Marketing Mistake?

Here’s where a lot of marketers get it wrong.
They generate traffic and expect people to buy.
So for them it’s a 2 step process:
Step 1. Traffic
Step 2. Sale
But good marketing doesn’t work like that.  And people usually don’t buy from people they don’t know, like or trust.
There is an exception to this rule.  If you’re sending people to a very cheap offer, you may get some quick sales.  But even then if you don’t add two more steps you are leaving a LOT of money on the table.

4 Step Process For ‘Guaranteed’ Sales and Income

The best guarantee in life and business comes from your own efforts directed towards an endless quest to be exceptional.  There is no point sugar coating it – it’s just the way it is.
So what are the other steps?  Here is one of them – ‘list’.  You give people an opportunity to join your email list.  If people don’t buy immediately, you can then send follow up messages.
Not only do you increase your chances of a sale you also give subscribers the opportunity to know you more, which can lead to all sorts of positive outcomes in the future.
So now our business model looks like this:
1. Traffic
2. List
3. Sale
Looking better eh?  But I’m not finished yet!  Because there is one final step that you need to add.
You know it right?  No?  Ok, here it is.  The last step in the formula……..
(Drum Roll)
Get people involved in your community.  So invite them to add you as a Facebook friend.  Or send them to a blog post and suggest they leave a comment.  Or suggest they follow you on Twitter.   It’s all about community, bringing people closer to you.
So now our little formula looks like this:
1. Traffic
2. List
3. Community
4. Sale
If you aspire to make more than peanuts (selling a cheap product here and there), this is the way to go.
While on the topic of Community, you can meet some friendly folk in my community. Add or follow me here:
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Final Words on Passive Income Profits and Promises

So there you have it.  Forget the guaranteed passive income and push button easy sales pitches.  Instead, focus on learning how to market and then becoming so damn good at it that the marketplace will readily and happily send money your way.
This is the way real businesses work.  Anything else is just pixie dust, elves, and make believe.

Your Turn Now…..

Have you every been involved with something that promised no work but untold riches?  Have you bought into the guaranteed passive income story?  If so, what was your result?
Leave your comments below.
Kim Willis

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