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Digital Nomad – Sunday Walk to Eric Kayser Bread Shop in Phnom Penh

Sunday Walk to Eric Kayser Bread Shop in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Eric Kayser is a French boulangerie chain.  Mighty good if you like great French bread and various sweet delicacies, such as this…..
eric kayser, phnom penh, cambodia
Or this……
eric kayser, phnom penh cambodia
Every Sunday afternoon I take a walk to M Kayser and Co, so I can pick up a couple of their late bake baguettes amongst other things.  It’s a 20-minute brisk walk.  I love to walk and have walked in loads of cities all over the world.
I’ve walked through the rough districts in San Francisco at 1 am on a Saturday morning.  I’ve walked in the middle of Winter in New York City without an overcoat.  And I’ve walked in London and got mugged by a drug addled Rastafarian.  In broad daylight no less.
My walks often last for one to two hours.
When I went for walks back home in Australia, it was always a sedate affair.  Quite predictable if for no other reason than Australia is a predictable country.  (It’s the perfect country to live in if you want a quiet life.)  Mind you there are parts of my hometown (Brisbane) where I would not want to walk on (say) a Friday night.  Unfortunately, many Australians love their alcohol and sometimes get violent after being on a bender.
But overall Australia is a super safe, predictable place in which to talk.
But here in Cambodia, nothing is predictable.  Anything can happen, and it often does.  For instance, the other night I was walking home from the supermarket.  As I turned into my street, I was confronted by a mini battalion of heavily armed men.  They weren’t the traffic cops but they sure packed some serious heat.
Why were they there?  Apparently they were ferreting out armed robbers who had been creating havoc close to my apartment block.  Let me be clear on one thing.  I am a devout coward.  In the past, I would have panicked. And when I panic I often have a hissy fit – a bit like a she-male who just ran out of eyeliner (plenty of  she-males in Phnom Penh, by the way).
But not this time.  The wall of police saw me, gave me passage, and I continued on my way home without a worry.
That said, when I go for a walk in these parts I am always vigilant, always careful.  Even in broad daylight on a Sunday afternoon.  So I recorded this video of yesterday’s walk.  Was it eventful?  Nah.  But it was interesting.  It’s always interesting in Phnom Penh.  Take a look.

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