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Should Newbie Marketers Spend Money On Ads?

A Better Approach For Newbie Marketers

First a confession.  When I started using the internet to generate leads in 2006, I opened an account with Google Adwords and started advertising.  Did it work?  Yes.  By month’s end, I’d made about $9k, a good chunk of which came from ads (the rest came from people I already knew).  My total ad spend for that month was $650
So why don’t I recommend that approach for marketers now?  Simple – most people cannot or will not do what I did to make those sales.
Here is what I did………
I generated leads with phone numbers from the ads; then I phoned them.  I could justify calling them because the product I promoted was big ticket with a minimum commission of $1k per sale.  As it turned out, I became pretty good at phoning leads which is the primary reason why I made the money so fast.  But over the years, I’ve trained hoards of people to use the same techniques I used, yet few were able to come close to replicating my result.
The reason is simple – it’s quite hard to be efficient on the phone.  The role is a sales role and lets face it most people are not salespeople.  In fact, most people would rather do ANYTHING but sell.
So what I have done is develop a bit of a philosophy about making money online – the right and the wrong way.  Most people are not salespeople.  Therefore, they lose the primary advantage that comes from running ads.  This is because effective phoning of leads is the single best way of dramatically increasing conversions, which helps to ensure that advertising produces an excellent return on investment.
If leads are not phoned (or if they are, they are phoned in an ineffective way) it will likely mean that newbie marketers who spend money on ads will lose it.  Simple as that.

Choose Your Poison – Two Stages In Your Business

There are two distinct phases for an internet marketing business:
Short Term Stage – Sales Orientation.  If you want to market products or business opportunities, AND also want to make money fast there is only one way to do it.  Hop onto the sales bandwagon and hustle your tail off.  In other words, put your salesman’s hat on, just like I did back in 2006.  But as discussed above few people are cut out for this role and usually fail.  If your big ticket product has a sales funnel with a low-cost entry level product you may get it to work with a pure marketing approach, but most big ticket programs require leads to be called by the affiliate.

Long Term Stage – Marketing Orientation.  For most people marketing oriented activities are far easier to do than sales oriented activities.  Why?  Less rejection and not the same need to have a killer instinct or a talent for sales.  On the other hand, most marketing work doesn’t require any talent.  It is very much a step by step process driven activity, almost like a join the dots exercise.

A Better Business Model

Understanding that marketing work is easier than sales work you should perhaps focus on that.  And let’s also forget about running ads for the next couple of months.  This assumes that you are a complete novice and never used ads to drive traffic etc.
So rather than spend thousands of dollars on advertising a safer, surer method is as follows:
1. Brand Yourself.  Invest 90 days minimum in creating a little bit of authority positioning by starting a blog and creating some valuable content.  No need to be an expert at this point – just assume the role of reporter and ‘report’ on good ideas, tips, strategies that you locate.
2. Use Free Traffic Methods.  Other than spending a few hours each week branding yourself,  involve yourself in free traffic activities for a few months.  Once you get that experience under your belt, you’ll have far more knowledge and wisdom which should perfectly position you to start an advertising program.   At that point, you will greatly enhance your chance of success with ads.  This is due to the undeniable fact that your accumulated knowledge will give you the ability to exercise sound judgment, and make the right decisions about paid traffic strategies.

 A Caveat

Notwithstanding the above, advertising can work for some newbie marketers.  Of course, if you have experience in online marketing by all means do it.  But for most people the risks of capital loss is very high when novice marketers use advertising methods.  This is because the novice will usually not correctly implement a given paid traffic strategy, no matter how many training videos and the like they watch.
However, if you are very entrepreneurial, have excellent communication skills, can handle risk without falling apart like a house of cards, AND have deep financial pockets – go the advertising route.  Good luck!

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