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Chinese New Year and Other Porkies

Chinese New Year is celebrated with gusto in Cambodia. Everywhere I see offerings to the gods or Buddha. On cars, on the back of stationary motorbikes, in shops. The offerings are usually a chicken or something small.
Not to be outdone the local bookshop had a whole suckling pig to their offering – see below. A bookshop! I’m no longer easily shocked about anything, but I’ve got to tell you I did a double take when I saw this in all its glory. In a frigging bookshop no less.
After thinking about this for a while, I came to a conclusion.  People love their rituals.  And they also love to be part of something bigger than themselves.  That’s why they work for large enterprises.
In the home business arena, they also like to sign up for a program because the alternative of creating a business themselves from scratch, is too scary for them.
I have another theory about that too. They join programs and companies to avoid taking full responsibility if they fail. They can blame the program, the company, their upline leaders, the product. You name it; they’ll find a way to avoid taking responsibility themselves.
It’s called blameshifting.
Of course, not everyone is into that. I sure wasn’t.  I took total responsibility when I joined my first affiliate marketing program in 2006. That’s one of the key reasons why I succeeded. The buck stopped with me.
When you take responsibility behavior changes, no question.  Take marketing.  Do you want more leads?  Take responsibility for getting them.
If you’ve done that, all you need now is a better way to get the leads flowing.
Here it is:
The Big Buddha Way to Generate a Flood of Leads
By the way, on the video you’ll see reference to MLM, but this system will work for any home business entrepreneur who needs to generate leads.
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Kim Willis

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