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Fat Bastard and Mini Me. What they taught me about business

fat bastard 3
Now I know what you’re thinking.
You’re thinking about that crazy Austin Powers movie aren’t you?
Thought so.
Well, this is not about that movie, although I saw it again the other night and laughed my head off.
Rather I want to talk about a couple of countries – China and Vietnam.
I currently live in Vietnam and know that a common border is shared with China. Talk about the little and large show.
As I understand it, Vietnam is no longer best buddies with China. In fact, many Vietnamese loathe the Chinese.
But in many respects, the Chinese and the Vietnamese are very similar.
Since being here I’ve seen and experienced lots, but for me, one thing stands out above everything else.
It’s the prodigious work ethic of the people.
I’ve never seen anything like it.
As I type this it’s 10 pm Tuesday night, and I can tell you that four streets away is a large apartment block being built, and yet it still has workers on site making it happen. This is a seven day a week construction site – when do they sleep?
But it’s not just a great work ethic. The family is important here and even though the breadwinner might be working long hours, family bonds are strong. Apparently there isn’t much in the way of welfare here, which surprised me seeing as Vietnam is a communist country.
Compare that to the welfare and entitlement obsessed people in western countries. Sad to see so many people with their hand out for a benefit, just because they believe it is their right to get it.
Of course, people complain about the corruption in a country like Vietnam. Yes, it is true – corruption is rampant, but frankly I’m happy to pay extra for something if it saves me time and gets the result I’m looking for (example: getting a visa extension approved). It’s called fee for service.
Contradictions layered upon paradoxes abound. It scrambles my brain, yet despite the chaos, despite the corruption and the scams, this place works.
How will this help you in your home business? Well here is what I’ve learned:
1. It doesn’t matter how big the competition is; you can still carve out your piece of the pie.
2. Hard work is mandatory during the early growth phase of your business.
3. You are entirely responsible for your future. If you have a dependent mentality, you are toast.
4. Chaos in the early stages can be a positive thing.  A lot of energy flows from chaos and in a perverse sort of way order manifests – eventually.
5. Results Count. If you have to pay to get a given result, for God’s sake do it.
I hope you enjoyed today’s post
From Kim Willis
The Digital Nomad

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